the Spanking Machine – PAIN4FEM

9 Jul

Pain4Fem’s SPANKING SERVER features perhaps the most fascinating equipment and implements on the spanking scene. Here we collect some short episodes featuring a mechanical spanking machine, electronically operated from a laptop. We will leave detailed review of these machinations to other talented reviewers.

It is a simple machine on four wheels, which can be postioned so that a lanyard or strap can be snapped across a girl’s buttocks or back (or other places), with timing and severity to be adjusted.

Candy’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) We were attracted to this segment because it is a bit longer and contains some infrequent bondage. As usual, half the film is occupied with undressing and fastening,  the  redressing and scurrying off

Brunette Candy walks on set, drops her panties, and stretches over the trestle. Helen fastens her wrists. Peter inserts an impressive horse’s bit gag. Peter attaches a leather lanyard and positions the machine. The whipping lasts about 3 minutes. Candy grunts through the gag. Most marks on the far buttock. Helen does the salve, from a spray can.

Katie Gold’ (MF/f; time: 8 minutes) Tall brunette Katie is brought into the foo with the holding cell. There is a platform with a spanking trestle, and the machine is set up. Katie pulls up her knit dress and removes her panties. Things move along in this series. Helen cuffs her and fastens her over the trestle. Her bottom is clear.

Peter flexes the thin cane which will be attached to the machine. He fastens it and Helen activates the device from her laptop for some test whirls. Katie watches. The machine is positioned and the whipping begins. Some of the action is filmed through the bars from inside the holding cell. We watch the stripes ripen on her bottom, not nasty, but noticeable. Helen spreads salve at the conclusion.

Nici Dee’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) A stunning auburn haired girl (Imagine a Dani Daniels) approaches the trestle. Helen will help her off with her clothes. Helen unzips the dress, Nici pulls it over her head. Just panties. Nici whisks them down.wrist cuffs on, over the trestle. Helen sprays  her bottom with aloe and spreads it.

Peter attaches the whip and makes his measurements. Nici does not like the sound of the practice swings. Helen at the controls, conventional whipping, stripes ripen. Nici entertains as miserable.More aloe at the end. She dresses and leaves.

‘Pandora’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) CP actress/producer ‘Pandora Blake’ made an erotic appearance at P4F for a session with Peter Schober’s spanking machine. Peter’s blond assistant leads her to the spanking trestle. He sits at the laptop controls. She casts a swift glance at the machine and at her escort Helen.

Helen (Schober) helps Pandora off with her plaid kilt and panties. In only a black top, she lies forward and is fastened over the trellised trestle, high enough off the ground so that her bottom is waist-high, perfect for the machine. We get the obligatory shot of her shaved front. He lets the device whir a few times so Pandora can hear the menacing swooshing.

He measures the distance to her buttocks then begins the whipping. The stripes ripen as we watch, Pandora’s bottom held in closeup. Good facials added.

At the end of this session, Peter caresses her bottom, Helen spreads lotion on her, then Pandora is released, dresses and leaves. A conventional machine whipping, except for the addition of Ms. Blake’s acting.

Blonde ponytail‘ (M/f; 22 minutes) A long and detailed session, our favorite kind. A diminutive blonde is escorted into the punishment room by ‘Peter Schober.’ The girl is handcuffed. She must stand and watch as Peter adjusts the straps on the spanking trestle and tinkers with the spanking machine itself.

The trestle is one of the most elaborate we have seen in all the CP genre. It is a large tilted wood frame, padded for the victim’s legs, mid-section, and arms. The girl is strapped in a standing position to the frame at the ankles, thighs, lower back, and arms. She bent slightly forward at the waist. Her head and shoulders are free to maneuver, so that she can see the machine in action without being able to move a muscle to evade it.

When preparations are complete, the girl’s handcuffs are removed. She is told to remove her skirt and panties, which she does without dispute. Peter straps her to the frame-a time-consuming, erotic event.

Peter’s blond assistant sits at the laptop, ready to activate the machine and begin. This time, attached to the arm of the spanking machine is a cane. We have seen a lanyard and strap used. Here, a wicked thin cane.

The assistant greases the girl’s bottom and the caning begins. Excellent angles, bottom closeups, facials, obliques–very professional. Tears come quickly. Peter stops the machine at one point to adjust the cane strike.

When the caning is complete, the assistant spreads on more lotion to a thoroughly striped bottom. The girl is released, she dresses, is handcuffed, and taken away.

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