Stroke of Luck – CALSTAR

9 Jul

M/2f; year: 2008; time: 41 minutes

An American ‘B.J. Frazier’ film, featuring ‘Master Liam.’ Liam is in an office on his laptop; a smarmy small girl, ‘Reilly,’ sits nearby, an assistant. Liam provides disciplinary services of some kind, a theme found in many Frazier films. He makes spanking videos.

Liam awaits a client and suggests he practice spanking on Reilly, who quickly obliges. She starts OTK, quickly strips, they go through the American spanking positions, including the weird ‘Wheelbarrow.’ Reilly likes it all.

The client ‘Bettie’ arrives, Liam explains he makes spanking movies, and shows her one of his discs. “I think I can definitely handle something like this.” Of course we need an audition.

Bend-over, much more bottom to work with here. Skirt and blouse off–OTK in just undies. The American positions. Liam wants Bettie to see what the cane is like, and he will demonstrate on the ever-willing Reilly. Bend-over, pants down, the caning is silly by most standards. Bettie will take the job. Reilly goes for the contract.

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