Russian Slaves #44 -Corporal Punishment in the Country 1 – NETTLES

12 Jul

M/2f; time: 46 minutes

More bizarre peasant costumes, actually the SAME costumes. Two girls, ‘Dina’ and ‘Lena,’ in cumbersome long peasant gowns (we know these girls can’t usually afford underwear), are harvesting and stealing apples in an orchard. ‘Ivan’ (Gerry Geroshvili) and ‘Nadya’ (Nadezda Dozorova), the unlikely landowners, catch the girls, fasten their wrists behind them, and march them into the house.

After the standard scene where the girls beg for the police not to be called, they are to be whipped by the couple. No one better suited to accomplish it. Their bottoms are going to be roasted one way or the other, so they agree.

As the girls are frog-marched into the farmhouse, Nadya splits off and heads into the brush to cut some birches. No shortage of these in the Russian countryside, we have seen. We are in the knotty pine rooms used by NETTLES in this era of films. Dina will be whipped first, and she does a nice job of acting shy as she strips naked. She lies on her stomach on a festive coverlet, the crew gets the hair off her face between shots, and the whipping begins. The birches are bundled in three’s–nasty. The camera angle onto the bed is not the best. Tears. Red face.

After 27 strokes, Dina jumps and begs for leniency, but the birching continues to 60 strokes. A mottled, authentic looking bottom results. She stands on a bench at the wall, hands on head, on display.

Blond Lena is whipped in the same way, except that only her dress is pulled up to expose her bottom. She retains her clothes. There seem to be some skin pops for her, before she too is displayed at the wall.

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