Russian Slaves #59 -In the Hands of Omon pt 1 – NETTLES

12 Jul

MF/3f; time: 35 minutes

The graphics alert us: “Thrue (sic) facts from 2004”

Three prostitutes, ‘Nastya,’ ‘Olga,’ and Zanna,’ chat about and contrast their clients. Nastya describes drugging one of her clients, while Olga remembers being worked over head to toe by a group of gypsies.

Hooded ‘Omon’ secret police burst in and throw the girls on the floor. They are looking for certain girls; they pull the girls’ pants down and yank up their tops, handling them roughly. The police will torture the girls one at a time to learn what they know.

The girls are alternately whipped, pussy whipped, and tawsed in the Winchester position and on the couch.

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