Anne Bowman’s Guide to Office Discipline – NUWEST

16 Jul

F/2f; time: 30 minutes

Very early NUWEST, Anne Bowman herself is quite young here. In NUWEST’s office setup, she narrates the story of the film. Her company uses corporal punishment, they spank female employees to enforce discipline. She recommends these procedures and says she is available for hire.

A knock at the door. A young ‘Kyrie Kelly’ is escorted in by ‘Miss Parker.’ We think we heard Kyrie referred to as something like ‘Kyrie Kolesta.’ She is chronically late, often poorly dressed, and sloppy with her work. Her excuses are rejected; she is well-dressed here -a tight three-quarter length lavender dress, pearls, and white heels.

They work at “Worldwide Cosmetics, Inc” Kyrie has signed a lengthy agreement at hiring, which luridly describes the potential of bare bottom  spanking. Bowman reads aloud the salient parts. “It is time to carry out the discipline.” It will be “spanking or the door.” Kyrie  hangs her head as the actress always did. Bowman takes her OTK and slowly addresses the clothing issue first–the hem of her dress up, pantyhose rolled down, then full white panties peeled down with style.

Standard handspanking, typical NUWEST camera angles, including from above. Miss Parker observes. When the spanking concludes, she rearranges herself and leaves.

“Now, Miss Parker, I have noticed a lack of discipline in your department…I have a little surprise for you…over the desk, take your skirt off, panties and pantyhose down.” Parker doesn’t hesitate–she must be under contract also.

Bowman whips her with a strap, most of which is filmed from the side so we can’t see what might be happening.

Clunky stuff, no frontals, acting to make you shiver, but if office spanking is your fetish, especially among the ladies, you’ll love this one and enjoy seminal NUWEST.

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