Haughty Girl – SHADOWLANE

16 Jul

M/f; time: 41 minutes

Stunning Amelia Jane Rutherford plays a British model talent agent hired by an American company to supervise fashion shows. ‘Ralph Marvel’ plays the American promoter, and he has received complaints about Ms. Rutherford exceeding her authority and harassing the models.

Amelia always plays “indignant” sufficiently melodramatically that the spankings she inevitably earns are justified. Here, she protests that the American models are sloppy and careless, and that the British demeanor she demands of them will be good for business. The ones who quit, even the clients, good riddance.

Marvel has a more pragmatic, American view, and he is going to straighten Rutherford out, the old-fashioned way. “Have you ever been spanked, Ms. Rutherford?” Wide-eyed: “No!” She objects, hears her job threatened, and with that familiar little shrug, capitulates and goes over his knee. He sits on a bar stool. Ms. Rutherford is so tall her feet are still on the ground. “Don’t grab me!”

A long and sexy handspanking, taking up the rest of the film. At one point she stands. “Blouse and skirt off!” “Even the models don’t have to do this.” Down to bra and panties, stylish as ever. Bend-over the stool, the panties come down to her gasps and she is spanked essentially naked.

On her right flank is a fading bruise, which at first she tries to cover up, and when that is no longer possible, she tries to protect. It is from another spanking; we’ll be on the alert for it.

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