Russian Slaves #51 – Punishment in Russian Family – NETTLES

16 Jul

M/f; time: 54 minutes

Two girls, in prototype schoolgirl outfits out of the Russian costume closet, meet and proceed with a 10-minute nude lesbian scene. ‘Sergey’ and another schoolgirl catch them and interrupt. One of the girls is his daughter, and we guess you don’t do this sort of thing in Russia.

First, Sergey seizes this opportunity to torment the naked girls, then he has his daughter dress and leave. He calls his firend ‘Dimtri’ on his cell phone and invites him to come over, and bring a friend, for an opportunity to fuck a girl in the ass.

Cut to a domestic scene; Sergey is describing to his wife ‘Nadezda Dozorova’ what he saw their daughter doing. While they discuss this most embarrassing circumstance, Sergey eats his meal, stuffs it in, right out of the frying pan on the table. He is a pig at the table also, in addition to almost everywhere else. Their daughter begs and cowers in the hall. They decide to whip her. She strips naked and stretches out on a colorful tan comforter on the bed. Sergey will use a belt.

There follows a whipping scene of almost 20 minutes, not brutal, but poignant, enhanced by several closeups of the actress’s unusually fine bottom. She kneels naked in the corner at the end; her lesbian girlfriend returns and is shown the damage.

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