Careless Lips – SHADOWLANE

20 Jul

F/f; year: 2013; time: 27 minutes

Actress ‘Cheyenne Jewel’ as a the submissive, and ‘Sophia Locke’ as the domme, have a special relationship. There is going to be an important business lunch. Cheyenne always talks too much. “Don’t say a word about our new website or you’re going to get a spanking.” It looks like Jewel is intrigued by that prospect. “Oh, really?”

Of course Cheyenne blabs at lunch, so it’s spanking time when the girls are alone. Cheyenne gradually loses her clothes, down to bra and panties, showing of her professional body. Sophia strips down to her black undies also. A hairbrush is handy.

Soon both girls are naked. Cheyenne bends over and Sophia tries to work in a huge dildo, which takes a while. Sophia spanks her as she fuck her. More dildo on her back, with her wrists handcuffed. Not much else to this film.

Director/producer Eve Howard added a five-minute scene of her giving ‘Clare’ a soaping, a bar of soap in the mouth, naked.

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