Revenge is Sweet – NUWEST NWV-119

20 Jul

2F/2f; time: 30 minutes

Some of the earliest graphics, the second phase of them; catalogue #119. A woman, ‘Mrs. Anderson,’ sits at the desk in NUWEST’s simple little office set. She manages at “Worldwide Cosmetics” and she seems to have disciplinary responsibilities. A secretary, eye-catching herself, leads in another employee–it is the actress ‘Kyrie Kelly,’ one of the brave and adventurous performers at early NUWEST.

It appears Kyrie signed a waiver accepting corporal punishment when she took this job. It is read back to her and she hangs her head.

FADE to the action. Kyrie is taken OTK and Anderson carefully rucks up the hem of her three-quarter length proper pink dress and rolls down her pantyhose and panties. The spanking is ritualistic and conventional by current standards, but surely naughty for its time.

Fade to another scene. A guy calls Kyrie on the phone. He has some compromising pictures of Mrs. Anderson which might be useful to her. . If it were us, we’d trade something with Kyrie in exchange for them.

Kyrie calls Anderson and explains she has something Anderson will want to see. “I would like you over here in 20 minutes….now!” When she arrives, Anderson gets the conventional spanking, revenge, panties down.

“Stay right there, I’ve got more for you.” We don’t see it but can fantasize .

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