Russian Slaves #52 – Police In Fight For Morality – NETTLES

20 Jul

MF/6f; time: 50 minutes

Five pretty girls and a ‘dance’ teacher are making girlie porno movies. For the camera and ‘Elena’ the director, they dance at a stripper’s pole in front of triple mirrors, undress, and do some lesbian moves. In a nice touch, the girls stop undressing at just their panties. The girls switch around and undulate until all are naked.

The ‘Omon’ police burst in–in the persons of actors Sergey (Gerry Geroshvili) and Nadezda Dozorova. Sergey is smiling and can’t believe his good fortune on what he has found. All six girls (Elena is now caught up) pose nude for him in the doggy position. Despite the girls’ demanding evidence of a search warrant, the activities will begin.

Three girls are bent over a table and their buttocks spread for a visual search. Photographer Elena is taken away first for her examination. The scene is a gaudy pink bedroom; Elena completes her stripping by removing her blouse and socks. Her sexy librarian’s glasses survive, for the moment. She starts on her back on the bed, legs spread, her pussy is flogged at least 15 times. A full growth of hair here, the girls’ styles differ.

Under duress, Elena confesses she sells these porno videos to clients. Now her bottom gets the attentions from the strap. Her glasses disappear. Hair is suddenly back, and her body seems to be oiled somewhat. Sergey whips and chokes her and she gasps that she will confess what he wants.

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