Spanking Poker Party – NUWEST NWV-095

21 Jul

2M and 2F; time: 31 minutes

A very early NUWEST and crude, even by their standards. But again, we loved the premise and can expand on it in our fantasies. Two couples play poker, the men against the women. The loser of a hand is spanked by the two opponents.

Fortunately, the games are short; we’re not here for strategy, and if you are going to be spanked, there is no point in folding. One of the boys loses first and one of the girls takes him OTK; she is fascinated by the process of unfastening his belt and pulling down his trousers, but she keeps her eyes elsewhere. Mild spanking, but it would get us going. The second girl spanks him also. In all the spankings, the spankee keeps himself/herself covered in front during transitions.

The second loser is one of the girls; she raises her dress and pulls down her panties and pantyhose before going OTK.

The second man loses, then the second girl. Everyone gets spanked by each opponent. Mild, historical stuff. It wasn’t until later in CP film legality that clothes came off in these games and spankings were often in the nude.

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