Russian Slaves #53 -Police In Fight For Morality 2 – NETTLES

21 Jul

M/3f; time: 57 minutes

The improbable title; the ‘Omon’ police have raided a pornography film session in progress. A female director prompts five naked girls through an indoor pool scene, one of the better nudie interludes we have seen from NETTLES. Boobs float in the water, bottoms wiggle, legs spread; some lesbian nuzzling.

The Omon crew bursts in again–Sergey (Gerry Geroshvili) and Nadezda Dozorova. “Here we go again,” says Sergey, which sums up the whole series. He marches the five nudes plus the director back in front of the triple mirrors, where he poses them, doggy-style, his preference. Sergey starts with two girls–zoom in on their doggy poses.

He begins whipping the first blonde, on the pink punk bed. A long strapping, lots of facials and crying, hair back, a suspicious stroke count in the subtitles. At the conclusion: “I enjoyed your ass.”

A thin blond actress is next; she can’t resist repeated smiles–nervous? self-conscious? or just amused at Sergey’s ad-libbing? “You happy? Not for long,” says Sergey. She gets the same long tawsing in the doggy position. No more smiles. Her bottom marks up the most so far, and Sergey is quite proud to display it. She begs for it to end.

“Here is the next one,” another blonde to strap. The same long strapping, about 50 strokes, the rest of the film.

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