Russian Slaves #54 -Life in Russian Convent – NETTLES

21 Jul

time: 58 minutes

A simple film, done on the site of the knotty pine house used in this sequence of videos. A nun in full habit is marched outside by the sexton ‘Georgi’ (Gerry Geroshvili), mother superior (Nadezda Dozorova), another cleric, and the head priest. The nun has been guilty of something and is going to be whipped right there in front of everyone, on the ever-present bench.

Without dispute, the nun strips off her habit, down to just a little hood over her hair. She is not shy about it; she has tattoos and a careful Mohawk. These nuns and peasants never seem to wear underwear. Georgi has the whipping task at this convent, which doesn’t seem to overwhelm him. The nun is tied to the bench (condensed). They will “banish your demons” with a birch. Georgi whips as usual; she screams more than usual. He whips her with fresh-cut branches, which are meant to be nettles. Quivering.

Cut to a new scene–the holy father suspects novice ‘Maria’ of having sex, and so plots with mother superior to have her spied upon. Two other novices are enlisted (NETTLES is really rolling out the costumes in this saga), they know what Maria does.

Cut to another scene, actually the same bench as above. Maria is being seduced by the gardener and quickly the two are naked, another nun walks up, strips down, and suddenly it’s a threesome, right there on the bench in front of the ‘convent.’ Some doggy fucking.

The two novices observe and report to the father. Georgi will be enlisted to whip the two nuns who were fucking the gardener. The mother superior reads the charges and the punishments, rough stuff which includes some fierce whippings and being coated with honey and tied in the woods for the insects.

Sister Maria is stripped (again, no undies), tied to the bench. “40 strokes.” Typical whipping from Sergey/Georgi, except more welts and bruises here. The whipping takes about 25 minutes of the film. The second naked nun escapes this #54.

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