Russian Slaves #63 – Russian School – NETTLES

22 Jul

M/f; time: 57 minutes

Never a shortage of naughty girls at NETTLES; three students giggle over aspects of penis sizes and decide to measure each other’s pussies with a ribbon. And they have a medical book on penises which is causing some hilarity. Of course they are caught, by ‘Semfira,’ she is called here, actress Nadezda Dozorova.

The girls will be whipped in the “assembly hall…without drawers or uniforms.” We doubt NETTLES can put together such an ambitious production.

‘Oleg’ is the school principal, the redoubtable ‘Gerry Geroshvili.’ He appears before the girls in a silly leather outfit, the purpose for which escapes us. The girls strip to shifts and bloomers, then they get naked and try to cover themselves, before they dress again. It is not of interest to figure out what is going on here.

Blonde ‘Sasha’ will be whipped first; cut-she is tied down, bloomers lowered. A slow and a bit brutal caning, at least 40 strokes. Semfira walks into this operation, slows the proceedings, and announces she wants the remaining two girls whipped “tomorrow.” We’ll watch for the sequel.

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