Chelsea Spanks Amelia Jane Rutherford – C.P. ENTERTAINMENT

28 Jul

F/f; year: 2008; time: 30 minutes

Chelsea Pfeiffer made a series of ‘Chelsea Spanks’ videos with well-known CP stars for her website; each film marketed in clips. Here, of course, might be the reigning queen of the industry in 2008.

Chelsea and Amelia chat and giggle before Amelia goes OTK, wearing jeans and a yellow top. “Tough bottoms wear me out,” laughs Chelsea. Facial closeups, pigtails fly. On the glass table in the foreground are spanking implements.

Jeans down, white flowered panties. Amelia shows us the matching bra. They keep chatting during the spanking. Closeups of the bottom of the Twenty-First Century. Dirty bare feet–no one can deal with this problem.

Panties down, Amelia has some faint bruises–she IS after all a hard worker. A square paddle. “God, that hurts!” Top off, jeans off, then gone with bra and panties–naked.

Several paddles, a strap, a doubled strap, and finally a triple cane, which Amelia likes the least. Not fierce spanking, mostly a celebration of her nude body as she shifts from one position to another on the couch and giggles in the fetal position at the conclusion.

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