Piano Pounding – BIZARRE

28 Jul

F/f; time: 35 minutes

There are at least a half-dozen portrayals of girls taking piano lessons (always poorly) –ROUE, CALSTAR, REDSTRIPE come to mind. Usually the female instructor takes some liberties to motivate the student; here the lady instructor pushes the envelope far along.

‘Miss Harcourt,’ a sultry European brunette, arrives at a student’s house. The girl’s father admits, “Amy has not been practicing.” Harcourt is not surprised, and maybe a little pleased. “Can I be strong with her?”

Lovely young blonde Amy sits at the piano–it’s awful. Harcourt moves quickly to the motivation, spanking. Amy stands and bends forward over the piano -a mild and ineffectual smacking. Harcourt orders her to take off her skirt. “What?” No panties–that is why she was hesitant. Top off, she is naked at the piano.

After a series of little spankings and some piano, Amy kneels up on the chair and Harcourt frigs–two fingers bring gasps. Harcourt walks off-set and returns with a collection of spanking implements–and this is not her house! Some belt and tawse; Amy runs around the room, a perfect little body she has.

Matters escalate. Harcourt puts down the piano top–she can’t quite do it, but they keep rolling. She sits on the piano top, spreads her legs, and raises her skirt. No panties. The full puss on display. Amy is encouraged to give her some oral while she keeps practicing.

Harcourt rolls down the top of her dress, steps off-screen again, and returns with an impressive strap-on dildo, a long black dong hangs limp on a hinge. Amy gets in position over the piano and Harcourt fucks her from the rear; then Amy turns, for treatment from the front, and some of the best closups of the almost full penetration of the dong and action you will need to see.

They kiss and cuddle. Who cares about lessons?

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