Russian Slaves #55,#56 – Life in a Russian Convent – NETTLES

28 Jul

M/f; time: 48 minutes

A nun strips off her habit clothing, she is a blonde, doesn’t wear any underwear, and is immediately naked. She begins masturbating in an empty classroom. Another nun comes upon this scene. ‘Klaudia’ begs that ‘Antonina’ not report her. “Honey, I would do anything for you.”

The price for keeping quiet is a little lesbian attention. Soon Antonina herself is naked and the girls go to it. On schedule, they are caught, by ‘mother superior’ (Nadezda Dozorova) and ‘father superior’ ‘Ivan’ (Gerry Geroshvili). Mother superior springs into action. “Make sure they stay naked while I report them.”

Another older nun arrives and the punishment is announced. “Fifty strokes tomorrow at dinner.”

Dissolve. Mother superior reads the sentence, graphic descriptions of where and how hard the strokes are to be. The girls fall on their knees and beg for leniency. Father superior will relent somewhat, and we quote the subtitle: “I will put off the strokes around your back and legs and whip only your asses.”

Antonina, the oldest novice, will be whipped first. She strips off her habit–a nice moment in the film, and lies across a long school desk. Excellent multiple angles for the whipping, she kicks her glamorous legs. This filming is the result of what happens when the subject is centered in open space. There are some wild marks; Father Ivan is not keeping his promise, but from the look on his face he didn’t intend to. Antonia suffers–red face, tears. About 40 minutes of the film is used to depict her whipping.

Film #56 depicts the same whipping of Klaudia.

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