Russian Slaves #74 – New Russians – NETTLES

28 Jul

M/f; time: 25 minutes

‘Sergey'(actor Gerry Geroshvili) and actress ‘Nadezda Dozorova’ play post-Soviet ‘New Russians,’ for some historians a despotic, wealthy, indolent phenomenon. We know that Sergey can handle such a part as this.

Ms. Dozorova is buxom and alluring here, not in her menacing-domme character. They sit drinking vodka, Sergey without a shirt, showing off his body. They must be reminiscing, because there is a quick cut of a pretty naked brunette being whipped.

Nadezda calls in that pretty brunette, who wears a striped sweater and a clashing plaid skirt. You can almost hear the sight of those colors. The girl is required to undress. (There are no subtitles here.) Sergey fondles her and has her bend over. Nadezda looks a little displeased by this but indulges him. The girl must be his house plaything.

In another scene, inexplicable without subtitles, the brunette finds some red undies and a peignoir, puts them on, and masturbates with a rose on her bed. Not quite ‘nettles.’ Nadezda and Sergey catch her and strip her naked. Maybe she is their bauble.

Sergey takes off his belt and begins whipping her on the bed. Good overhead views, and her body looks like it has been oiled. Tears.

The second section of #74 constitutes four or five ‘interviews,’ the usual stripping, dancing, and spanking.

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