Nude Spanking 1 – NUWEST NWV-110

29 Jul

4 females; time: 31 minutes;

Early stuff, very young ‘Joanne Jameson’ and ‘Eve Howard.’ In NW’s bare stage faux bedroom, first Joanne slowly strips naked and then undresses Eve herself, removing every iece of clothing. Eve helps with just a few buttons. Both girls wear a lot of ordinary street clothes, typical of the erotic slant NUWEST lied. Music sound track, no dialogue.

When both girls are naked, they face us and display absolutely untouched full pubic bushes. Joanne takes Eve OTK first for a slow handspanking, bottom full screen. A long and slow scene, groping, closeups. Good shots of both faces. The girls might have been teenagers when this film was made. Joanne always seemed to spank hard; Eve kicks up her legs.

The second part of the film, 17 minutes, features two more girls, two brunettes, undressing slowly and piling their clothing on a clothes tree. Conventional foundation clothing from this era at NW

When the girls are naked, they pose and twirl, nudie film style. Heavy bushes of pubic hair. One naked girl takes the other OTK for a rather silly and overacted handspanking. Overhead camera. The crudeness of this early production and the stilted acting convey a feeling of peeking through the transom at two playful lesbians in a smoker film.

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