Punishment Chair – SPANK-CHRISTINA

29 Jul

F/2f; year: 2005; time: 17 minutes

More spankings in a familiar classroom, seen in a number of productions. We’ll have to investigate to see if Spank-Christina.com is a collection of films of an earlier time. The performances have a classic British schoolgirl theme.

Miss Gillian-Lancer stands at a lectern and addresses an unseen assembly. Two girls stand in front of the group. They will be given a session in the ‘punishment chair,’ a straight-back wooden bar-stool height chair with a footrest.

The first girl steps up on the footrest, leans over, Gillian-Lancer flips her skirt up and pulls her panties down for a conventional spanking. The second girl gets the same treatment.

In the next phase, Gillian uses a large rattan rug beater, the largest we have seen, big enough to cover the entire buttocks. She doesn’t hit hard with it, but it causes some reaction.

For the final phase, she threatens with a large clothes brush but decides to have the girls spank each other, with the usual threat of what will happen to them if they don’t turn-to. She points to spots on buttocks which need attention. As the girls move back and forth to take their turns, their knickers have fallen and hobble them at their ankles.

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