Russian Slaves #75 – Woman Gymnasium For New Russian – NETTLES

29 Jul

M/2f; time: 57 minutes

‘Nadeszda Dozorova’ plays a convincing-looking schoolmarm; a male actor ‘Aleksandr’ is the principal; and ‘Elena’ and ‘Galina’ are the hapless students headed for the inevitable. The ‘gymnasium’ is of course the classically titled school.

Elena and Galina gossip, in full schoolgirl kit. Galina, with another girl, admits to succumbing to curiosity and getting a full look at a flasher on a side street, then being coaxed into giving him a blowjob. Elena is titillated to hear all this but thinks she should confess her transgressions.

Nadezda and Aleksandr burst in; Elena is in trouble at home and reported by her parents for drinking and staying out late. She will be whipped here at school. In an attempt to escape, she rats on Galina’s naughtiness. This just means two spankings. Galina caves and admits her behavior.

Dissolve to punishment time. The two girls report to Nadezda and Aleksandr. Elena is taken first; she snickers a bit during her scolding. Couldn’t deal with the script. As usual, she is ordered to strip. When she is naked, the camera zooms in on her corn-fed peasant figure. She climbs onto two chairs, the Winchester position. The immediate tawse marks look a bit enhanced, and there are faint traces from her last film. About 40 strokes.

Galina is next and she quickly strips naked. Same tawsing on the chairs–very heavy bruises. When she is slow to dress and depart, she is made to kneel erect at the wall, panties down, for 30 minutes. It would be instructive, from a medical point of view of course, some time to watch some of this–real time.

The film concludes with 4 ‘interviews,’ NETTLES style. Clothes off, posing, some spanking.

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