Three Bad Little Girls – NUWEST NWV-101

29 Jul

M/3f; time: 32 minutes

Very old film, grainy quality, poor sound, the faux-paneled sitting room set. And early enough in NW development that none of the actors except Ed Lee himself is recognizable to us as future NW cast members.

A woman, the ‘madame’ of a whorehouse, is disciplining three of her girls for various things. The girls sit in row for their scoldings. Brunette ‘Tina’ is the ringleader. Blond ‘Bridget,’ an actress who took some very erotic spankings in later ‘institutional’ films, can’t help but smile. And a third, brunette ‘Marina.’

The madame starts with the crop on the third girl Marina when the phone rings. It is a client, the voice of Ed Lee, and since NU-WEST did not have the technology, they put his phone voice over and inter-comm. He hears the madame’s difficulties and seizes on the opportunity to have these three girls presented to him schoolgirl-style. The madame will convert this naughty-girl session into a profit center.

Dissolve. We see Ed Lee from the rear as the three girls will face him one at a time. The first is striking blonde Bridget. She is dressed as a schoolgirl, must pose for him, raise her skirt, vend over, etc. He then takes her OTK; Lee lowers her full white panties and spanks with a ruler.

He still has something left, because blonde Tina is paraded next for the same routine; and the same for thin brunette Marina.

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