Russian Slaves #60 -Beryia – NETTLES

30 Jul

F/f; time: 31 minutes

Part of a short NETTLES sequence about a character called ‘Mr. Beria,’ who in the 1930’s was a corrupt KGB official who liked to have attractive prostitutes picked up off the streets so he could abuse them for his own pleasure and provide them to high-ranking governmental officials. Only in Russia can such official misconduct form the basis for pornographic entertainment. And only the Russian filmmakers misspell the name Beria from film to film.

Nadezda Dozorova plays a KGB Major; she has netted two girls she knows from experience will fill the bill. Little brunette ‘Alena’ is brought in first to the ‘General’ (Beria). When she is ordered to undress, she has to be roughed up to get the message. Black top off, black shorts, little white panties off. Very nice, the General likes what he sees. His Major has a good eye.

Beria wants her for himself. “Take her to my bedroom.” She refuses and resists, so female KGB captain ‘Zvereva’ is summoned. “Give her forty strokes.”

Dissolve to a sitting room, where the naked Alena waits, her hair pinned back for the whipping. “Comrade, we are ready,” says Zvereva. The girl is splayed over the huge arm of a soft easy chair and the caning begins. Immediate marks. Zvereva scolds: “You have to devote your life to the Party.” She wants an apology and a confession. “Something wrong with your puss?” she asks, as to why Alena would not have sex with the General. The young female captain canes with obvious gusto.

The Major joins to keep up the verbal torment and partake in the enjoyment of the punishment from close range, 2 feet away at Alena’s face. Alena is reduced to pleading and begging, at 30 strokes or so (subtitle counts don’t compute). “Will you fuck a general?” “yes…yes.”

Beria joins. Alena is subdued, sobbing, and quivering, and ready. He goes for the cognac.

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