Debra’s Cruel Girlfriend – NUWEST NWV

31 Jul

F/f; year: 1999; time: 25 minutes

Another charmer from NU-WEST, filmed in a two-story townhouse or maybe the residence of the NU-WEST ranch.

We were surprised to read that maybe this ‘Debra,’ who may be operating the NU-WEST business these days, reads our site. We will be extra-diligent and try not to be self-conscious about fuzzy details.

Debra, svelte and solid, comes home and finds a message from her female girlfriend on the old-fashioned landline telephone answering machine. She is to be waiting, in the proper dress, in the proper place (and with the proper attitude).

The girlfriend arrives, one of the ‘Karen’s’ at NUWEST we think, another tall item not long out of Las Vegas. She can’t get in the locked door, and Debra has been distracted on the phone. Debra has put on a schoolgirl’s pinafore and knee socks. This being NW, you know what this delay will mean. Karen is let in, and she decides a few smacks on Debra’s bottom, right there in the entryway, will set the tone.

They go to the kitchen, do some cuddling, and begin to get on with their lesbian assignation into the living room. Debra is taken OTK, skirt up, for the introductory spanking, loud and colorful. More cuddling, then more OTK, this time the full white panties down. That muscular bottom and powerful thighs!

Karen steps away and Debra is distracted by another call, which succeeds in angering Karen again. She is herded upstairs. Nothing like a like temper when spanking is on the schedule.

Dissolve. Debra is naked on the bed, wrists and ankles tied to the frame, a pillow under her hips. Ready, and quite a buffet to contemplate. Karen whips her with a belt. Another dissolve–Debra is now on her back, knees pulled back and spread. Karen kneels in front of her, going to work with a strap-on dildo. Not great detail here, is it poor camera angle or intentional avoidance of the graphic sex?

They kiss and Karen leaves; Debra sees her off naked from the top of the stairs, posing like a garden Aphrodite.

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