Tracie’s Caning Over The Box – NUWEST MM-199

31 Jul

F/f; year: 2007; time: 10 minutes

Model ‘Jodi Cline’ leads ‘Tracie’ onto the set, the standard stage, with an Oriental rug and the well-used tilted, padded spanking box. Tracie has a convincing worried look on her face. Jodi steps to the side, removes her dress, and is now naked but for stockings and heels. There is a sheen of oil on her impressive body.

“I’m going to strip you naked and put you over the box.” Jodi peels off Tracie’s clothes– Tracie maintains her look of apprehension–cuffs her and straps her over the box. Tracie is a more mature figure with a full figure, not a schoolgirl; the box does nice things for her bottom.

Jodi crouches down in front of Tracie’s face to show her the cane. She begins mild snapping strokes as she circles and scolds. The film is as much about a naked prancing Jodi as it is the caning. Tracie is forced to choke out “I’ve been a very bad girl and I deserve to be punished” over and over, the kind of dialogue that suggests Ed Lee might be on the camera.

Nothing unusual here; the length and date suggest this video may have been archived. the production quality is excellent, and we note that whatever gym Jodi works out at, praise to her.

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