Witness to Punishment – NU-WEST

4 Aug

MF/2f; year: 1987; time: 37 minutes

Another oldie, the opening graphics with Ed Lee and a bare bottom over his lap. A young Lee narrates for us, in his “documentary” mode. A woman has contacted NU-WEST and contracted to witness spankings live and to create the fantasies she chooses. There will be several ‘scenes’ and two girls. The woman will be referred to as ‘Madame X’ and wear clothes from the costume room to enhance the fantasy.

Madame X walks onto the set, the sound of her heels echoing as she approaches–a tad too long, and corny in the NW manner. The woman wears a blond wig, a black dress, and a pillbox hat with veil. Surely one of the NU-WEST staffers, but we’re on board.

Madame X has asked for 2 brunettes, one of them ‘Oriental,’ which is convenient, because Lee has ‘Mische’ in his rolodex. The girls are brought in–little Mische and a very young Eve Howard. In this scene, where they all stand on display in front of a seated Madame X, you can see how small the girls are.

The first scene Madame X requests: “High school girls.” The girls head off to Wardrobe and return in pinafore uniforms and black-and-whites. Lee reads from a script, scolding them for bad marks and behavior. A spanking is awarded. Eve goes OTK first, her diminutive and tight bottom rarely more evident than in this film; panties down. Mische gets the same.

The second fantasy: “The Whorehouse scene,” requests Madame X. The girls return from Wardrobe in foundation-type undergarments always typical of NU-WEST. The girls bend over a chair for a doubled belt; what skin isn’t exposed Lee corrects.

The third fantasy is too short and the naughtiest. Another female NW staffer, possible Anne Bowman, in full nurse’s uniform, leads the two girls, now buck naked, onto the set. They get short and sharp OTK spankings. Again, consistent with the era, we loved the thick unshaved pubic hair. The actresses made visible efforts to keep from instinctively covering themselves.

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