12 Up – 24 Down – NUWEST

5 Aug

F/f; year:1992; time: 9 minutes

Some the NU-WEST’s  early graphics, not the originals though. A stunning big-eyed fluffy-haired brunette narrates, her face full-screen. “I am totally fascinated by the subject of caning.”

‘Gweniveve’ explains that caning has transfixed her since she was a little girl, that she went to England to study, but really to investigate caning at girls’ schools over history.

Dissolve to an enactment. A very fetching little blonde, whose face suggests to us she might have become one of the NU-WEST cast, walks on the set in kilt and blouse. Gweniveve waits, bent over in position, for her caning.

But first she must repeat ritualistically exactly what is going to happen to her. “I am going to get 12 strokes on panties and then you’re going to pull them down and give me 36 strokes on my bare bottom.” (We presume the person who titled the film didn’t watch it.)

“Correct. I’m going to ladder them up and down your bottom, and if I hit your legs, don’t make a fuss, because you deserve it.”

The first 12 strokes on Gweniveve’s panties are surprisingly hard. She counts the strokes aloud, but in gasps. The following 36 strokes, some in rapid bursts, are even harder. The only way such a vigorous caning could have occurred is to have spliced facials and obliques with padded strokes, the only hits occurring in the overhead and distant shots. But we loved it.

We need to check our NW files to see if this almost adolescent blonde spanker, who was as enthusiastic and slightly wicked as it is prudent to be, appears later in more mature form.

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