5 Aug

2F/f; time:16 minutes

The ‘f’ here is again the international treasure, the bottom of Amelia Jane Rutherford, in another short production by Pandora Blake. We can imagine the e-mails: “Can you stop by for a few days? We’ll make a few films.”

Pandora, Amelia, and Caroline Grey drink coffee in someone’s kitchen. They chatter rapidly in British brogue, to the extent we didn’t hear it all. Amelia is being treated as a favorite in her job and the other girls are having to pick up slack. Somehow Pandora thinks a good spanking will even things out.

Caroline now has a hairbrush in her hand. Amelia wears a rose-colored sweater and a full length formal flower-print skirt. During their conversations, there are loud sirens outside, intrusive to the extent we shut our sound down to see if the action was live, but they keep going.

Amelia will be spanked in the kitchen. “Bending over is traditional,” which she does, over a counter. In fact, both girls have hairbrushes–this was an ambush! They start on Amelia’s skirted bottom together, to her surprise. “This is a lot like bullying,” declares Amelia.

Carolina rucks up the long skirt to expose little white panties, which the girls mock and tease her about. Amelia also wears a garter belt and nylons. “You are not the panty police,” she protests. “It’s not my fault you have no taste and I do.” This increases the smack intensity. The panties will survive in this light-hearted and ineffectual film.

Bottom closeups and rubbing at the sink to conclude.

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