Russian Slaves #71 – Punished For Smoking – NETTLES

5 Aug

M/2f; time: 59 minutes

A rather British theme, inserted in this consistently inconsistent and humorous series. Two schoolgirls have been caught smoking, but unlike any British CP film, their ‘headmaster’ will take them to places you don’t see on the British films.

‘Petrova’ and ‘Vasilieva,’ two attractive and very Nordic-looking pigtailed blond schoolgirls, are summoned before school director ‘Alex.’ Both wear the unvarying Russian schoolgirl uniform out of the wardrobe department–red kilts and white blouses. They have been caught smoking in the rest room; they deny, so the director is going to physically inspect them.

Tops and bras off, hands-on-head, the girls are not happy about this. Skirts up, they show their white panties. Each over a desk, the director pulls down the panties, he delivers a few smacks, then orders them to his office at noon for the real deal.

‘After Three Hours’: The girls report–the ballroom set. The girls are sent to get jump ropes. He sips vodka (at noon). “Undress completely.” The two blondes (shaved) are finally naked. The director inspects them and finds a pussy ring, navel jewelry, and various tattoos.

They jump rope, naked, he smacks. Always fun. Deep knee bends, duck walk, palm slaps.

At 30 minutes the whipping begins; Vasilieva goes first, kneels on a couch. The director has braided a doubled jump rope into a nasty whip. She kneels on a couch, tears, facials (easy for these two stunning adolescent faces). When she tries to run off, she earns extras.

Blond naked Petrova stands, hands on head, watching this. When it is her turn, she too is whipped on the couch. Petrova pounds her fists in pain, a reflexive gesture we have seen in the international CP film genre, suggesting authenticity. The director has her reverse positions on the couch to even the blows on the buttocks. Extensive loop rope marks, marginally believable, but two great actresses.

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