The Teacher is Punished – CPENTERTAINMENT

5 Aug

F/f; year: 2009; time: 27 minutes

A Chelsea Pfeiffer (CP) production, marketed on her website in clips. Amelia Jane Rutherford is featured here, a school teacher called before her principal Ms Pfeiffer. She has been spanking her students, which is not permitted. Ms Rutherford, being British, does not understand why corporal punishment is not OK.

Ms. Pfieffer threatens to fire Amelia but will give her a second chance, but will give her “a taste of your own medicine.” After the customary but brief reluctance, Amelia crawls over Chelsea’s lap; the anticipated screech when Chelsea rucks up her skirt to expose another pair of nifty little white panties.

It is a long and relatively uneventful spanking. “You’re doing it very hard.” As usual when Ms. Rutherford is being spanked, there is extensive dialogue. Now, panties down. “You should experience the embarrassment factor.” As the spanking progresses and she kicks and squirms, her panties find their way to her ankles.

“Kneel on the chair.” “Why?” Chelsea uses a strap, and quite hard, full swings. Ms. Pfeiffer strokes, kneads, and pinches, somewhat extraneous behavior from a school principal applying discipline. Lots of facials, some shot from the floor under her.

After the strap, Chelsea shifts to a paddle. The spankings are lengthy and moderate, and as usual, the film celebrates Ms. Rutherford’s glorious bottom.

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