Russian Slaves #78 -Story of Two Nuns – NETTLES

10 Aug

M/2f; time: 45 minutes

Another spoof (at least we think they are spoofing, maybe not) of the Russian Catholic Church, this one the most bizarre so far. ‘Father Nikodim,’ (mature actor ‘Nikita,’ prevalent in this phase of NETTLES, and ‘Mother Superior’ (actress Nadezda Dozorova) bemoan the quality of the newly arrived novices.

Sister ‘Galina’ used to be a prostitute and will require a lot of work; Sister ‘Irina,’ a former student, is more manageable. Father will have one of his “deep talks” with them, something we will see he surely loves to do, or at least watch. Everyone in full religious habit here, lots of Deity-invoking, Hail Marys, etc.

Father ‘Ivan’ (actor Gerry Geroshvili, never far away) brings the girls to Nikodim. They seem to know what is coming, what an audience with him usually leads to. After a long lecture (the subtitlers spared us the corn.) Galina will be the first for her version of the “deep talk.”

“Take off all that monastic clothing.” Galina is quickly naked, another spectacular healthy young Russian. Father pivots her so that he (and we) can see it all. He gets in a few official fondles. With a stick, he is going to whip on a “shame place,,,right here,” her perfect round peasant bottom.

Ivan brings Irina in, and she too must strip off her religious habit. Another stunning naked brunette. No end of praise for NETTLES casting. Galina is brought to the punishment frame first–they must have one of these right on the church grounds. She now wears her white hood again, and only that, framing her sparkling face, and increasing the enthusiasm.

Galina is tied to the upright bars of the ‘H’ frame, facing us. Ivan whips her first with a birch, and pulls off her hood to release her luxuriant dark hair. He reties her facing the posts so he can access her bottom, which he whips with a flogger and a cane. Ivan is almost uncontainable in his zeal. He does a massive job on her bottom–oblique shots show welts and swelling.

He unties her, but Galina must have mouthed off, because she earns more, bent double over a crossbar, a nasty position we rarely see used. A lot of facials, easy for this glowing actress. She is made to crawl on all fours behind her, the camera following of course.

Irina has been watching; she is next, strung spreadeagled facing us. Hood on also; she too is turned around. Tears. Not as much detail of her punishment, or as long or revealing. She crawls off also.

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