Vanna’s Humiliation – NUWEST NWV-347

10 Aug

M/2f; year: 2001; time: 38 minutes

Two girls stand in just their slips in front of a double bed in the NUWEST tiled studio. A gray Ed Lee addresses them: “I caught you two oystering each other, so now you are going to do it for me.”

Vanna and her blond friend wait at the foot of the bed, sipping cocktails. “I’m going to see how much you two girls are into each other…black and white, we have.” He refers to the colors of their slips. Both girls lie over the foot of the bed, hips on pillows, a posture NUWEST loves in this room. Lee begins to strap the covered bottoms, alternating.

Slips up, both girls are wearing pantyhose. Varying things, and testing their relationship, Lee has Vanna strap the blonde. They switch and Vanna gets hers.

The girls are instructed to lie across the width of the bed and begin kissing and caressing. Back over the end of the bed again, pantyhose down now, the girls have just thongs. Lee keeps working the bottoms. Back on the bed again, thongs off, both girls do oral sex on the other. Ed straps a bottom here and there. Then a ’69’ scene for the naked girls.

Vanna steps to the side of the set and takes a strap-on dildo out of a drawer, and it is big one, the way NUWEST likes to do it. After some more strapping, Vanna lubes the dildo and works it in the blonde, in her ass possibly. Lee stands by cheerleading, and maybe on the camera. Imprefect angles prevent certainty.

The girls switch and use the same dildo. We’ll check the health code. Not sure how Vanna was ‘humiliated’ here. Thought she had a good time.

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