Karen and Otto – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

11 Aug

2M/2f; year: 2010; TIME: 36 minutes

In the latter stages of LUPUS’s film production, the ‘Lupus Dreams’ series combines hard sex with corporal punishment.

An ‘uncle’ sits at a table with his two blond nieces. He seems always to be scolding. (We fly without subtitles.) He is certainly unhappy with them, because both girls must drop their nylon stockings, bare their knees, and raise their skirts, and kneel on kitchen graters.

Dissolve. One of the blond nieces, in conversation with a woman on the street, is jumped by a man and chloroformed. We next see her chained to a bed in a grimy little room–she has been kidnapped by the couple. She is made to strip almost naked, down to just garter belt and stockings.

She is bent over the foot of the bedstead, and the guy fucks her from the rear. Looks like he isn’t quite ready, but he gets it going. He pulls the girl’s hair back so we can see her face, spanks and slams at the girl, and finally there is a money shot, he pulls out and cums on her buttocks. His woman partner seems perturbed and impatient with him to finish. She photographs the action.

They prepare a pasted-word ransom message and enclose some 35MM photos. (They must develop their own film, because this roll could not go to the drugstore!)

The uncle receives the package, and for some reason he is now angry with his other niece, makes her remove her panties, and spanks her.

Back to the kidnap scene. The man threatens with his pistol, they take more photos, and send another message. Back to the uncle, who now whips his other niece with a belt.

At the kidnap site, the man is gone, and the woman is now naked on the bed with the blond niece in the midst of a lesbian scene, which explains why she was disgusted by the doggy scene above. The male partner catches them, he starts in on the blond captive himself, but then is shot dead by his now-jealous partner.

Dissolve. The kidnapped niece has returned home, but she is a changed girl. Despite her experience, the uncle insists on spanking her. The woman kidnapper has foiled them and interrupts the punishment and shoots the uncle with a .45, first in the balls to make him suffer, then the second shot kills him.

The three girls are seen sauntering off, gangster molls themselves now, toting big weapons, bound together by violence and sloth.

This confused and meaningless film managed to combine spanking, whipping, doggy sex, lesbian play, and Stockholm syndrome conversion in 36 minutes.

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