Russian Slaves #85 – Discipline in A Russian Convent 2 – NETTLES

11 Aug

M/f; time: 28 minutes

‘Mr. Gulyaev’ caught his two daughters ‘Svetlana’ and ‘Alina’ in a passionate lesbian embrace, quite naked. He checked them in at a local convent for a month of attitude adjustment. ‘Mother Agafia’ (Nadezda Dozorova) and ‘Brother Gaurila’ set to work immediately on the girls’ bottoms. This part 2 is mostly about Alina’s turn for discipline.

Alina is stark naked, tied spread-eagled to two vertical posts, arms and legs splayed wide. Brother Gaurila uses a cane or birch on her. A crossbar which supports the two vertical posts acts as a barrier for Alina’s hips, so that she can’t wiggle to avoid the whipping. It is a long caning, wild strokes, tears.

Dissolve. Back to daughter Svetlana. She too is naked and tied in a kneeling position to two smaller posts rising out of a table. Once again, the knot-tying is more elaborate that the plot development. The Brother canes her bottom, which is soon quivering reflexively.

Dissolve. The father returns after the month, hugs his daughters, coughs up the fee, however reluctantly, and off they go. If the girls’ month contained sessions like we saw, they will be a while before sitting down or recovering.

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