Judicial Caning 2 – PAIN4FEM

14 Aug

M/4f; year: 2007; time: 54 minutes

We may have reported that ‘Judicial Caning 1’ is one of our favorite CP films; we enjoy the full-length Pain4Fem videos, which simply flesh out the format of the 3 or 4-minute CP videos P4F/SpankingServer specializes in, the extension adding story, character, background, etc, all the foreplay we seek.

A small pretty brunette irons in her kitchen; a friend, blond ‘Helen,’ stops by for coffee and girl-talk. She has gotten a new job, as a medical assistant at the Ministry of Justice. Helen explains how the Ministry uses corporal punishment to resolve minor cases. “I attend those who receive these beatings.” She explains–sometimes the punishment is just OTK spanking, but often harsh caning.

The brunette at the ironing board is transfixed by this prurience and wants detail, which creates the opportunity to dissolve into a series of appointments at the Ministry.

At the Ministry, ‘Helen’ (Peter Schober’s constant assistant in most of his films) sits at a desk and receives her first client, a typically nubile blonde in the SpankingServer tradition. The girl knows why she is here, and on command, strips to the waist. With a stethoscope, Helen listens to her breathing and heart, giving us a leisurely look at her boobs. Back seated, blood pressure check. The blonde then strips completely and is encouraged to use the commode, a simple toilet out in the open in the room, an exquisite part of the humiliation process.

Helen summons Peter in the phone. The girl is ready for him. He enters in his white smock; the girl doesn’t flinch or try to cover her nudity. He takes her OTK for a mild handspanking–Peter is never a hard disciplinarian. His specialties are intimidation and ritual. The girl, presumably embarrassed, dresses and leaves.

After more girl talk, the next Ministry scene will involve a caning. Another pretty blonde enters the room and surveys the terrible sight–the punishment gurney, the toilet. She has elected “40 strokes” instead of a jail term. She strips also, has her meds checked, and tinkles on the john. Helen straps her to the gurney, having to urge her into position and getting the folded blanket under her centered bottom to elevate her hips. Nice preparation. Helen oils her bottom then calls for Peter.

The girl is very disturbed that a “man’ will cane her and struggles a bit under the restraints. She panics a little when Peter enters and surveys her nudity. She should be upset–her charms are on full display between her spread legs. After the usual measuring and preparation, Peter lays on the 40 strokes, and Helen does with the salve-oil before the girl is released.

More girl talk before the third punishment. Samantha takes some pleasure in explaining that repeat offenders get more longer canings. The final caning scene is the same, a brunette this time.

The girl at the ironing board has a tingling in her bottom just listening to all this. Ditto.

One Response to “Judicial Caning 2 – PAIN4FEM”

  1. sixofthebeet August 14, 2015 at 9:17 pm #

    Yes, I recommend this spanking film. I rate it ‘six of the best’.

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