Punished in Soiled Panties – STONEFOX

14 Aug

M/f; time: 53 minutes

STONEFOX combines the erotic elements of corporal punishment, enema discipline, doctors in masks and smocks, tubes and tables, etc. We’ve commented on a few entertaining films.

Two Asian actors; the guy comes home to a girl, who appears to be wearing a schoolgirl’s uniform, his wife? girlfriend? Whoever she is, he is in charge. He finds soiled panties on the couch. She displays classic perfect Asian embarrassment.

“Do you know what happens to girls who leave their dirty panties around?…serious disciplinary treatment…are you ready?” He takes her OTK for a brief and almost playful spanking. He wants to know what caused the stains. He wants “special purification…internal cleansing.” He can’t get the girl to admit she knows what “internal cleansing” means.

“Do you merit an enema?” He forces her to say, and repeat, until she gets the words right: “I need an enema.” There follow some rather complicated exterior scenes, at least for a CP film, where the couple drives to a store, enter, shop the aisles, and select a laxative and Fleet enema. A portable video camera follows them from the parking lot through the checkout.

Back home, the girl has to prepare things and finds latex gloves for the guy. Pants off, she kneels on the couch and the guy inserts the Fleet; acceptable detail, not the best. The girl has to stand on the fireplace hearth, bare-bottom, while the Fleet does its work, an entertaining part of the film.

After a run to the toilet, the girl takes off most of her clothes, the guy prepares the traditional rubber enema bag. In the bedroom, she takes off her undershirt and is naked. He inserts the nozzle and holds the bag up by hand. Some nude posing before she is allowed to head for the bathroom.

“You know what to expect the next time.”

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