Please Daddy – NUWEST

24 Aug

M/2f; year: 1997; time: 21 minutes

The film opens with another video shot taken from the back seat of a car at night. Models ‘Katie’ and ‘Kelly’ are coming home very late. “Daddy is going to be pissed.” The acting is terrible–both girls will improve.

At home, the father is Ed Lee, youngish in 1997. He announces “25 with the razor strap, on the bare fannies,” plus some OTK with a paddle. The girls are sent to the bedroom to wait for him.

Dissolve to the faux bedroom set NW used. The two NUWEST girls strip to their bra and panties, more or less full foundation undies, not theatrical porn underwear. They discuss how much the spankings might hurt. “He’s not going to get a peep out of me,” declares Katie.

Choppy scene cut–the strapping is underway, Katie over the end of the bed, pants down. Shot from overhead. Dissolve–Kelly is being strapped. They must have had some film trouble here, to have missed the ritual moments od preparation. Both girls are then cornered.

Dissolve; Katie is OTK and pulls her own pants down. “Ow, Dad!” Tears, facials, short little paddle. Katie kicks her legs and is wearing bobbysocks. Kelly gets the same spanking.

At the conclusion, the three of them hug, then the girls over power Lee and throw him down on the bed.

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