Spanking Shame #8

25 Aug

A few more of these wonderful films from a defunct website, just possibly too rugged to live on. The films don’t have title.

1. (M/f; time: 25 minutes) A brunette in leather jacket and jeans stands in front of Doctor Tom, and like a number of other models, seems amused by the proceedings. He twirls and inspects her and asks for her jacket to begin the undressing.

She takes her jersey top off without hesitation and allows herself to be taken OTK for a spanking on her jeans. He helps her down with her jeans and continues the spanking, bunches her pantyhose for leverage to keep her bottom in place. Her rolls down the pantyhose, then a tiny thong. The bra disappears; he keeps probing between her legs.

It is a routine performance so far, lots of spanking, frigging, and probing. The willing model has wide flared feminine hips. Tom gets her legs apart with his knee as he spanks. Then, quickly, she is up and kneeling on a chair. Tom opens his pants and fucks her from behind in a very brief conclusion. We know we can do it.

2. (M/f; time: 46 minutes) A statuesque brunette in matching white jacket and skirt stands before Tom in a medical setting this time. He wears the doctor’s smock. He helps her off with her top and skirt, so she stands in bra and white slip. The bra comes off. He fondles her boobs and she seems to enjoy it. She tolerates his groping.

Slip off, she is down to just white lace boy shorts and nude pantyhose. Panties down, pantyhose down, Tom turns her to face us. A tiny Mohawk. While she stands nude, he sits at his desk and makes notes.

The gynecology table is prominent in the room. He weighs her and measures her height, opportunities for her nudity to be displayed. Now she lies on the evil table, he peels down her pantyhose, spreads her legs and works on her pussy. She is responding. Feet into the stirrups, he slides her down to the end of the table, then shaves her pussy, what little needed to be done. After a fast rectal thermometer, she bounds eagerly off the table.

Back OTK for more spanking, some mild bastinado, more frigging, and more naked presentation.

3. (M/f; time:1 hr, 3 minutes) A long film for this site; a thin brunette in tight white frilly blouse and plaid school kilt pokes around Dr. Tom’s medical setup. Tom walks on-set, wearing a white doctor’s smock, never a good sign if you’re a visitor.

After some chat, he asks her to remove her blouse, which she does willingly but with some reluctance. He admires her adolescent body and begins playing with her bra. She kicks off her shoes, Tom unsnaps her bra, and she tries to cover up. He begins to grope and explore with his stethoscope.

The girl unfastens her wraparound kilt; she is gradually going naked. She wears white bikini panties, which Dr. Tom begins to work down. This is always an important moment in these humiliation films. She’s got an small tramp stamp over a magnificent bottom.

Tom sits on his gynecology table and begins spanking her. She manages to sneak her panties back up when she changes positions, but Tom takes care of that. It is a long spanking, and modest in severity, because punishment per se is not the goal of these films. She arches her back in arousal as he frigs between smacks.

There are frontal closeups; she is shaved and clearly excited. The nude spanking and jostling for position takes up the rest of the film. Tom keeps his pants on here, but there were moments, we thought.

She is allowed to dress to leave, but will leave her panties behind. Tom pulls her kilt up for one last naughty look.

4. (M/f; time: 50 minutes) Another hapless brunette pokes around Dr. Tom’s office, most likely awaiting her appointment. Tom enters and takes the pretty ponytailed girl’s records and sits at his desk. She waits. The camera pulls back and we see the gynecology office setup.

Tom begins a stethoscope examination and immediately pulls her dress up and begins playing with her breasts. He spins her for our first rear view and checks her bottom through her panties. Off comes the dress; she wears just bikini panties.

The girl climbs up onto the gyno table–matters are escalating. She lies face down, pants down. Tom makes preparations for a rectal temperature, but she is not having it, getting her panties back up.

Tom gets her panties down and begins a long spanking with a ruler. There is a discernable lump in his pants (and ours). She wriggles her buttocks erotically during this long scene. Finally, she must agree to the thermometer, because Tom pushes it home.

Cut to a new scene in an exercise room. The girl stands on an exercise mat wearing just short black shorts. She jumps rope, not a bad job, not as good as the Russian girls in Nettles films. Tom pulls her shorts down; that helps–us, that is. And naked, she is asked to do the hula hoop, a wonderful exercise for a naked girl and we believe the first time we have seen this imaginative play.

Tom has her do athletic dancer’s positions with her feet and legs, naked. She can do them for real, not always the case in CP nude exercising. He smacks her with a strap while she performs.

Another devilish exercise–she does a handstand, he holds her, she spreads her legs, placing her pussy touchable in the foreground.

More simple spanking to conclude, wrestling for position, frigging, leg spreading. Again, Tom keeps his pants on.

5. (M/f; time: 27 minutes) A tall brunette, wearing black top and jeans, fidgets in the sitting room set. She finds a martinet and seems puzzled as to its use. ‘Doctor Tom’ comes on the set, and after some discussion (in French) begins handling her and reaching back to smack the seat of her jeans. She bobs and weaves to avoid his touch.

After a suitable interval he wrestles her into the OTK position on a green couch. She is a big girl–tall, that is, and with plenty of bottom. She is at least 6″ taller than he is. He begins spanking, and to unfasten her jeans he reaches between her legs. She struggles continuously, but not enough to prevent his advancing interests.

He manages to get her jeans down, her bottom is already red. The tussle takes up the whole film. He rolls her thong to her knees. Then she must capitulate, because she stands, giving us the first frontal, then stands in front of him. She pulls off her top, he unfastens her bra, and she is naked.

Back OTK for a naked spanking and a rollicking struggle on his lap. Fingers pry between her legs and cheeks. We have seen Tom become aroused in other films. This would do it. The film concludes with her cornered, naked, hands on head.

6. (2M/f; time: 30 minutes) The most pornographic film we have seen in this series. Two guys are watching auto races on TV when a curly blond girl arrives. They are expecting her, is she hired?

The guys begin to play with the girl as they watch TV. One gropes and spanks while the second guy holds her still. Gradually they get her clothes off.

She goes to another room, puts on lingerie and returns to the couch. The guys are now watching a porn film. The boys go to work on the girl again. She proceeds to service both men in various postures, blowjobs, handjobs,  doggy position, and missionary, legs flying.

7. (M/f; time: 35 minutes) Doctor Tom works over a shag blonde at the green couch. She is dressed as a schoolgirl, and he is studious in glasses and a black outfit.

He eventually gets her OTK, panties down, lots of groping, including face up on his lap.

8. (M/f; time: 43 minutes) Studious Doctor Tom again; he has a brunette in pigtails here, and she is going to get the full treatment. The usual OTK struggle on the green couch. Tom eventually gets all her clothes off–spanking, prying, groping.

The naked girl kneels on the couch and has her legs spread with ankles fastened to a spreader bar. She is open for the taking. Tom opens his pants and has one of his huge erections pointing to the rafters. He does her doggy-style, then on her back on the couch.

FADE: Tom is naked, and he takes the girl from the rear, while she lies flat on her stomach. Lovely soaring bottom; add some doggy position, probably to complete the task.

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