25 Aug

M/2f; year: 2012; time: 14 minutes

Webmaster ‘Pandora Blake’ and her friend ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ argue with ‘Jerry Diamond,’ a Texan who is having some sort of rolling party, and the girls are interfering with it. Whatever the reasons, Jerry decides that Pandora’s behavior and attitude can be straightened out with a spanking.

Amelia sits on a couch, trying to butt into this little dispute. She is quite amused at the idea that Pandora is going to get a spanking. First, Jerry insists she take off her top. She pulls it over her head, no bra. Amelia covers her mouth to stifle a snicker.

Jerry sends Amelia–she comes back with a paddle, downright gleefully. Pandora bends, hand on couch, in just her black shorts. At the cracks of the paddle, Amelia winces, but can’t take her eyes off the action.

Pandora drops her shorts, no panties, the paddling continues. Amelia leans forward and feigns shock at the sight of the red bottom. Consistent with her CP persona, her own bottom should be itching about now.

In fact, Jerry does decide Amelia should be spanked. If you hired Ms. Rutherford to appear at ‘Dreams of Spanking,’ you would put her to work. She stands, puts her hands on the couch. She wears a short white skirt and pink cardigan. On command, she flips up the skirt to display flimsy white panties which look so fragile they shouldn’t be touched. She pulls them down for a brief paddling. Never tired of watching this event.

The trio hug at the conclusion.

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