Comrade Balcar-The Game – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

26 Aug

MF/2f; year: 2007; time: 26 minutes

A somewhat confused LUPUS production, possibly an illustration of the stretched imagination being experienced by the screenwriters toward the end. We’ve often wondered why they didn’t seek out confirmed spankos for plot ideas. We had some which wouldn’t have challenged the budget.

Balcar is a fading, nearly defunct Communist camp youth leader, it would seem the only action he can get is with girls working around him. A brunette student leader stops by, he entertains her with tea. When he tries to fondle her and get it going, she slips his grasp and manages to leave.

In the darkened corridor of the empty and forlorn facility, the brunette girl meets her boyfriend; they become passionate immediately, duck into an empty office, and after the girl’s clothes are virtually ripped off, they are quickly fucking doggy style in a bathroom.

In another scene in the darkened hall, a naked girl runs out of another room, apparently more hanky panky going on under Balcar’s nose. He catches her, totally nude.

Dissolve to Balcar’s office, where he has the two girls on the carpet for a scolding and more. The blonde will be caned, and by the brunette. She strips to just institutional blue panties, steps up onto a platform, bends, and grabs a T-bar.

NUWEST used a T-bar, made of galvanized pipe, rising about 12″ out of a little platform the hapless girl must stand on. Founder Ed Lee commented in one of his “positions” films that this T-bar made for one of the most painful of spankings, and that his girls didn’t like it. It tightened and hardened the buttocks, diminishing the advantage of the natural padding which makes the bottom its natural target. In fact, those NUWEST films using the T-bar have virtually disappeared. ‘Touch-toes’ does the same job and provides a bit more flexibility for the victim.

The brunette pulls down the blond girl’s panties and canes her; she can’t hold position, consistent with the Lee review of this device. It is a colorful caning. Balcar wants more, takes her OTK himself, pries her legs apart with a knee, exposes her pussy, and spanks very hard to add to her stripes. The blonde is allowed to dress and leave.

Balcar now jumps the brunette; these girls are sufficiently subordinate that they obey him. The brunette strips to her underwear, drops her pantyhose and panties, and grabs the T-bar. Balcar canes her even harder, working her thighs. After the session, the girl climbs on a chair and rehangs the cane to display it over a Communist Party mural. She dresses and leaves; her boyfriend meets her in the corridor and gives her a playful and hard smack on her derriere, apparently not having heard the action inside.

The guy concludes work in his office; he has been on the phone, about what we don’t know. Maybe checking with Maintenance on the light bulb replacement needed in the hall.

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