Russian Slaves #77 – NETTLES

27 Aug

2M/2f; time: 45 minutes

‘Ivan,’ the director of an S&M club, a character the NETTLES screenwriters did not have to go far to find, sits at a table loaded with spanking implements discussing the fortunes of his club with his employees. Business is down, the girls are tired and no longer fresh to the customers. They need some “fresh meat.”

They will go to a local disco and snatch some girls who will show some emotion when they are spanked. Two characters, ‘Maks’ and Ury,’ will do the work.

Dissolve. Two girls at a table in a disco. Ury entices them to leave and come with him to HIS club. A fast pickup. They’re hesitant, so he buys drinks and manages to spike them while the girls dance. The girls pass out (must be common in this club) and they are carried to Ivan’s club.

Under the eyes of Ivan’s staff the girls’ fear is mocked; they are ordered to take their clothes off–slowly. When they refuse, they assault the girls and knock them down. The girls capitulate and begin to strip–brunette ‘Galina’ goes first. They stare at her, and for good reason. When she is naked, she must twirl, and Ivan helps himself to her boobs. He smacks her bottom to redness and tells her terrible things will happen to her if she doesn’t obey, and awful things in the club, in front of others. She stands on a chair, hands on head.

Light brunette ‘Anja’ is next. Maks spanks her. They are now going to use the girls for a private party to raise some money.

Dissolve. The girls are tied in complicated rope patterns. Galina standing, Anya in a chair. Galina gets the martinet on her front. She is turned in her postion and whipped on the back and bottom. Position change (condensed) bastinado on her bare feet while she hangs suspended. Ropes removed (condensed), strung up, whipped.

Anja waits; she is stretched on her stomach and caned on a platform. At least 75 strokes, if you believe the subtitles, ending the film.

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