31 Aug

M/3f; time: 22 minutes

A confusing experience without subtitles; from reading LUPUS’ website, we’d say they were confused too. Two older women talk to a punk-looking young girl in a boarding school. Pardon this review–the film was incomprehensible.

Dissolve to a reminiscence–the girl sits as a student in a classroom, a guy in a tuxedo is reading from a classic text, or at least a classic book. A maid-type person enters the room, whispers something, and soon another student has her bottom bared and is being caned by a woman. She is left to pray on a hard bench.

Another dissolve; more consultation at the boarding school, and this time the punk girl gets the cane from the tuxedo reader. This time the punk girl gets the cane from him. A good session, the only saving scene so far. She goes to the same bench for penance.

Another girl joins; then another. They are lectured by the woman and the tux-man continues to cane.

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