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Judicial Caning 2 – PAIN4FEM

14 Aug

M/4f; year: 2007; time: 54 minutes

We may have reported that ‘Judicial Caning 1’ is one of our favorite CP films; we enjoy the full-length Pain4Fem videos, which simply flesh out the format of the 3 or 4-minute CP videos P4F/SpankingServer specializes in, the extension adding story, character, background, etc, all the foreplay we seek.

A small pretty brunette irons in her kitchen; a friend, blond ‘Helen,’ stops by for coffee and girl-talk. She has gotten a new job, as a medical assistant at the Ministry of Justice. Helen explains how the Ministry uses corporal punishment to resolve minor cases. “I attend those who receive these beatings.” She explains–sometimes the punishment is just OTK spanking, but often harsh caning.

The brunette at the ironing board is transfixed by this prurience and wants detail, which creates the opportunity to dissolve into a series of appointments at the Ministry.

At the Ministry, ‘Helen’ (Peter Schober’s constant assistant in most of his films) sits at a desk and receives her first client, a typically nubile blonde in the SpankingServer tradition. The girl knows why she is here, and on command, strips to the waist. With a stethoscope, Helen listens to her breathing and heart, giving us a leisurely look at her boobs. Back seated, blood pressure check. The blonde then strips completely and is encouraged to use the commode, a simple toilet out in the open in the room, an exquisite part of the humiliation process.

Helen summons Peter in the phone. The girl is ready for him. He enters in his white smock; the girl doesn’t flinch or try to cover her nudity. He takes her OTK for a mild handspanking–Peter is never a hard disciplinarian. His specialties are intimidation and ritual. The girl, presumably embarrassed, dresses and leaves.

After more girl talk, the next Ministry scene will involve a caning. Another pretty blonde enters the room and surveys the terrible sight–the punishment gurney, the toilet. She has elected “40 strokes” instead of a jail term. She strips also, has her meds checked, and tinkles on the john. Helen straps her to the gurney, having to urge her into position and getting the folded blanket under her centered bottom to elevate her hips. Nice preparation. Helen oils her bottom then calls for Peter.

The girl is very disturbed that a “man’ will cane her and struggles a bit under the restraints. She panics a little when Peter enters and surveys her nudity. She should be upset–her charms are on full display between her spread legs. After the usual measuring and preparation, Peter lays on the 40 strokes, and Helen does with the salve-oil before the girl is released.

More girl talk before the third punishment. Samantha takes some pleasure in explaining that repeat offenders get more longer canings. The final caning scene is the same, a brunette this time.

The girl at the ironing board has a tingling in her bottom just listening to all this. Ditto.

Punished in Soiled Panties – STONEFOX

14 Aug

M/f; time: 53 minutes

STONEFOX combines the erotic elements of corporal punishment, enema discipline, doctors in masks and smocks, tubes and tables, etc. We’ve commented on a few entertaining films.

Two Asian actors; the guy comes home to a girl, who appears to be wearing a schoolgirl’s uniform, his wife? girlfriend? Whoever she is, he is in charge. He finds soiled panties on the couch. She displays classic perfect Asian embarrassment.

“Do you know what happens to girls who leave their dirty panties around?…serious disciplinary treatment…are you ready?” He takes her OTK for a brief and almost playful spanking. He wants to know what caused the stains. He wants “special purification…internal cleansing.” He can’t get the girl to admit she knows what “internal cleansing” means.

“Do you merit an enema?” He forces her to say, and repeat, until she gets the words right: “I need an enema.” There follow some rather complicated exterior scenes, at least for a CP film, where the couple drives to a store, enter, shop the aisles, and select a laxative and Fleet enema. A portable video camera follows them from the parking lot through the checkout.

Back home, the girl has to prepare things and finds latex gloves for the guy. Pants off, she kneels on the couch and the guy inserts the Fleet; acceptable detail, not the best. The girl has to stand on the fireplace hearth, bare-bottom, while the Fleet does its work, an entertaining part of the film.

After a run to the toilet, the girl takes off most of her clothes, the guy prepares the traditional rubber enema bag. In the bedroom, she takes off her undershirt and is naked. He inserts the nozzle and holds the bag up by hand. Some nude posing before she is allowed to head for the bathroom.

“You know what to expect the next time.”

Russian Slaves #87 – Prostitutes in Private School 2 NETTLES

14 Aug

M/f; time: 29 minutes

A continuation of part one from film #86, student ‘Oksana,’ baby naked, is being spanked by MVD Major ‘Ivan,’ who, from the look on his face, must be popping his pants. After this standing smacking, she is sent to the corner, in tears.

After a dissolve, Oksana is dressed again, and we have moved locations, although the massive ‘ballroom’ set is still being used. We are in a medical office; Oksana glances apprehensively at the equipment. The MVD sergeant (Gerry Geroshvili) makes her strip naked again. She must climb onto a gynecology table and put her feet in the stirrups for an inspection.

Dissolve; the sergeant brings in the second student, ‘Irina.’ After her gyno inspection, it is declared she has syphilis. The sergeant calls the major, is apparently told she must be whipped, and he tells Irina, “We” take care of your ass.”

{Condensed) Irina is tied naked on her stomach on a gurney. “40 hits of rattan” is the sentence, an interesting venereal treatment, we thought. Typical choppy whipping from the sergeant, tears, running mascara, she has to kiss the cane before she decorates the corner, hands on head.

The actress playing Oksana escapes a whipping in these two films, although we certainly saw plenty of her.

Russian Slaves #79 – Trap For Maid – NETTLES

13 Aug

M/2f; time: 49 minutes

Elite ‘Iren'(Nadezda Dozorova) and ‘Alik’ (Nikita) sit in the large ‘ballroom’ set; both actors are looking older here; we are approaching the end of this NETTLES series. The couple converse for a full five minutes of the film, Once again, the subtitlers are pretty sure we didn’t come for this dialogue, so we get only the high points.

Alik gives Iren a wad of U.S. currency; their maid ‘Masha,’ for some reason wearing the NETTLES schoolgirl kit ensemble, enter briefly. Out of sight of them, Iren hides her money in a bureau drawer.

Masha asks if her sister ‘Lena’ can stay over briefly; Iren knows her husband has eyes for these nubile peasant girls and she wants to keep his money flowing. The plot thickens; Iren wants ‘Nikodim’ to install a ‘spy camera,’ which soon detects the girls discovering the hidden money.

Iren accuses the girls of stealing, even though they did not. Iren used part of that money to pay Nikodim to install the cameras. The girls are summoned and ordered to strip naked–another one of those frequent nudie scenes–this is one of the best, the girls are stupendous. Shaved; Zoom!

Nikodim will perform the punishments. Sister Lena will be whipped first. And she is only visiting! Palm and breast slaps with a tawse. Her bottom is next, stripes ripen on-screen. Tears. More palms, more whipping standing. Under this duress, Lena blames Masha.

Masha’s turn. Lena’s wrists are duct-taped roughly behind her, harsh and tight, and she is thrown into a closet downstairs. For something later, perhaps? Masha gets the birch, 40 strokes on the couch, a perfect clear bottom. Tears. A nasty spanking, if what we see in closeup is authentic. Loud sobbing, convincing enough. She is taped and stored also.

Iren tell Alik what happened, and he quickly replaces the money; subtitles tell us Iren is using this deceit and money to finance sick parents, and we surmise Alik likes access to the bottoms of nubile servants, whipped and waiting. Win-win. For us, win-win-win.

Darwin Reformatory – NUWEST

13 Aug

M/f; year: 1980’s; time: 27 minutes

Old and clunky production; from the earliest of the NUWEST talkies. Three girls sit on a bench in a jail cell with a straw floor. ‘Will Rogers’ narrates; he is an “official whipper” in an Australian prison, he does the girls, 300 or so of them so far; a beefier guy does the men.

Roger explains he ties the girls down to prevent them running, which they tend to do at the first stroke of his tawse. He often fends off an offer of sexual favors in return for leniency. We got the whiff of impression he doesn’t ALWAYS reject those overtures.

The waiting girls are introduced–they will b strapped Saturday night. Brunette ‘Wanda Jackson’ will get 18 strokes; aristocrat ‘Mrs. Reginald Cardroy,’ also 18 strokes, not for an offense she committed but contracted for by her husband as a deterrent; and ‘Jean,’ maybe a prostitute, 36 strokes, because she is a regular here. When we see the girls waiting, they discuss what the whipping will be like and look at each other’s bottoms. The experienced Jean is not too comforting in her descriptions.

Mrs. Cardroy is first, she is brought into another cell–very simple stuff from NW. She must strip off her Edwardian dress, which she doesn’t want to do. She is bent over a block, wrists and ankles looped and secured to hooks with soft white rope. Rogers pulls he bloomers down to the appropriate gasp. His high full-bodied strapping strokes are more melodramatic than effective, but you’ve got to love NUWEST theatre circa 1980.

Jackson gets the same whipping; when Jean peels off her dress, she is naked underneath, and displays a full bush for the era. 36 for her.

Russian Slaves #86 – Prostitutes in Private School 1 – NETTLES

12 Aug

M/2f; time: 48 minutes

Two pretty private school students in the conventional NETTLES schoolgirl costume, ‘Oksana’ and ‘Irina,’ are doing some prostitution on the side. They gossip and compare notes on their ‘johns’ and the money they earn–“dick” sizes, rough stuff, techniques.

Teacher ‘Zinaidi’ (Nadezda Dozorova) has overheard the girls and confronts them. This is an expensive, prestigious school, etc., and in addition to this illegal behavior the girls are terrible students. Even though the girls beg, she will call the MVD and connects with Major Ivan as we watch. He’s no fool, he’s seen the girls at this school, he’ll be right over.

Major Ivan arrives with his sergeant (Gerry Geroshvili); the girls are confronted; hands-on-head. The MVD is going to interrogate these two gentil aristocratic girls, in the NETTLES manner, to determine who their clients might be.

The girls are ordered to strip naked, which they do in the NEETLES prototypical way. For a reason we missed in the subtitles, the men want the girls to perform some lesbian drills for their entertainment, which they do, completely naked, taking up a chunk of this episode.

The spanking will now start, first with naked, blond, shaved Oksana. Ivan smacks her bottom as she stands helpless before him; he slaps her boobs too–stinging glancing blows, quite hard, and it startles her and us. As this part 1 truncates in the middle of the action, Oksana looks almost like she is considering running off the set.

Russian Slaves #85 – Discipline in A Russian Convent 2 – NETTLES

11 Aug

M/f; time: 28 minutes

‘Mr. Gulyaev’ caught his two daughters ‘Svetlana’ and ‘Alina’ in a passionate lesbian embrace, quite naked. He checked them in at a local convent for a month of attitude adjustment. ‘Mother Agafia’ (Nadezda Dozorova) and ‘Brother Gaurila’ set to work immediately on the girls’ bottoms. This part 2 is mostly about Alina’s turn for discipline.

Alina is stark naked, tied spread-eagled to two vertical posts, arms and legs splayed wide. Brother Gaurila uses a cane or birch on her. A crossbar which supports the two vertical posts acts as a barrier for Alina’s hips, so that she can’t wiggle to avoid the whipping. It is a long caning, wild strokes, tears.

Dissolve. Back to daughter Svetlana. She too is naked and tied in a kneeling position to two smaller posts rising out of a table. Once again, the knot-tying is more elaborate that the plot development. The Brother canes her bottom, which is soon quivering reflexively.

Dissolve. The father returns after the month, hugs his daughters, coughs up the fee, however reluctantly, and off they go. If the girls’ month contained sessions like we saw, they will be a while before sitting down or recovering.

Suddenly A Spanking – CPENTERTAINMENT

11 Aug

F/f; time: 20 minutes

Chelsea Pfeiffer narrates on her website in a 20 minute film marketed in clips. Amelia Jane Rutherford has arrived four days early for a spanking-shoot they had planned. We doubt this, but we’ll go along with the story. These CP actresses need to space our their performances, like starting pitchers in baseball.

Chelsea and Amelia chat on a couch, and they decide to begin the spanking immediately. Amelia slides over CP’s lap there on the couch and Chelsea begins spanking, as they chat in normal tones about this and that as they will do throughout the film.

After about five minutes, Amelia’s denim shorts and panties have come down and she has begun gasping a bit. Chelsea shifts to a hairbrush. The bulk of the film is another celebration of this Rushmore bottom. Closeup zoom of a red tush as she pulls her panties up at the end.

Karen and Otto – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

11 Aug

2M/2f; year: 2010; TIME: 36 minutes

In the latter stages of LUPUS’s film production, the ‘Lupus Dreams’ series combines hard sex with corporal punishment.

An ‘uncle’ sits at a table with his two blond nieces. He seems always to be scolding. (We fly without subtitles.) He is certainly unhappy with them, because both girls must drop their nylon stockings, bare their knees, and raise their skirts, and kneel on kitchen graters.

Dissolve. One of the blond nieces, in conversation with a woman on the street, is jumped by a man and chloroformed. We next see her chained to a bed in a grimy little room–she has been kidnapped by the couple. She is made to strip almost naked, down to just garter belt and stockings.

She is bent over the foot of the bedstead, and the guy fucks her from the rear. Looks like he isn’t quite ready, but he gets it going. He pulls the girl’s hair back so we can see her face, spanks and slams at the girl, and finally there is a money shot, he pulls out and cums on her buttocks. His woman partner seems perturbed and impatient with him to finish. She photographs the action.

They prepare a pasted-word ransom message and enclose some 35MM photos. (They must develop their own film, because this roll could not go to the drugstore!)

The uncle receives the package, and for some reason he is now angry with his other niece, makes her remove her panties, and spanks her.

Back to the kidnap scene. The man threatens with his pistol, they take more photos, and send another message. Back to the uncle, who now whips his other niece with a belt.

At the kidnap site, the man is gone, and the woman is now naked on the bed with the blond niece in the midst of a lesbian scene, which explains why she was disgusted by the doggy scene above. The male partner catches them, he starts in on the blond captive himself, but then is shot dead by his now-jealous partner.

Dissolve. The kidnapped niece has returned home, but she is a changed girl. Despite her experience, the uncle insists on spanking her. The woman kidnapper has foiled them and interrupts the punishment and shoots the uncle with a .45, first in the balls to make him suffer, then the second shot kills him.

The three girls are seen sauntering off, gangster molls themselves now, toting big weapons, bound together by violence and sloth.

This confused and meaningless film managed to combine spanking, whipping, doggy sex, lesbian play, and Stockholm syndrome conversion in 36 minutes.

Vanna’s Humiliation – NUWEST NWV-347

10 Aug

M/2f; year: 2001; time: 38 minutes

Two girls stand in just their slips in front of a double bed in the NUWEST tiled studio. A gray Ed Lee addresses them: “I caught you two oystering each other, so now you are going to do it for me.”

Vanna and her blond friend wait at the foot of the bed, sipping cocktails. “I’m going to see how much you two girls are into each other…black and white, we have.” He refers to the colors of their slips. Both girls lie over the foot of the bed, hips on pillows, a posture NUWEST loves in this room. Lee begins to strap the covered bottoms, alternating.

Slips up, both girls are wearing pantyhose. Varying things, and testing their relationship, Lee has Vanna strap the blonde. They switch and Vanna gets hers.

The girls are instructed to lie across the width of the bed and begin kissing and caressing. Back over the end of the bed again, pantyhose down now, the girls have just thongs. Lee keeps working the bottoms. Back on the bed again, thongs off, both girls do oral sex on the other. Ed straps a bottom here and there. Then a ’69’ scene for the naked girls.

Vanna steps to the side of the set and takes a strap-on dildo out of a drawer, and it is big one, the way NUWEST likes to do it. After some more strapping, Vanna lubes the dildo and works it in the blonde, in her ass possibly. Lee stands by cheerleading, and maybe on the camera. Imprefect angles prevent certainty.

The girls switch and use the same dildo. We’ll check the health code. Not sure how Vanna was ‘humiliated’ here. Thought she had a good time.