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English Headmaster – ROUE

30 Sep

2M/2f; year: 2005; time: 30 minutes

Roue got access to an old school gymnasium and stage to make this film. A plausible headmaster appears on-stage and addresses an invisible assembly of girls on their last day of school. They have been with hin from the age of 13 to 18. Two students, ‘Sarah Collins’ and ‘Martina Stepanova,’ interrupt with noise and earn one more trip to see the headmaster before the term ends.

The girls must report to his office but somehow find their way into his quarters, where they discover a small video camera of his. They pose in silly positions and film themselves. They find a ‘dear diary’ segment filmed of himself by the headmaster, where he sits with his spanking implements and laments the end of the term and the girls’ bottoms he will miss.

The Head catches the girls and marches them back to the floor of the main room containing the stage. “You’re both going to be thrashed.” The girls have what they saw on the videotape in mind. He takes Sarah OTK first–she is a thin dark brunette with two ponytails. White panties down. The camera catches another man observing covertly from somewhere in the room.

The Head tugs her panties further down, where she stretches them tight at her ankles as the Head urges her legs open, just the way he likes it. After this spanking, she is sent to the wall, bottom on display in this large room.

Martina is next, a taller dark auburn-haired girl. OTK for her, he gets her blue knickers down. After her spanking, Sarah is sent to get the tawse, hobbled a bit by her knickers.

Both girls are tawsed, touching toes, presenting winking views of their charms. The headmaster gets in fondles on both girls in this position.

The Head beckons the secret watcher, ‘Mr. Janitor,’ to join him. The men agree that since this is their last day with these girls, they will exact some accrued revenge. We guess this duo is practiced at this. Naughty. Sarah is sent again to get the cane.

The two bare bottoms are lined up side by side, each man takes up a cane, and the girls are whipped simultaneously. They scream and struggle in this entertaining melee to end the film.

The Head says goodbye to the girls. Martina asks Sarah what her plans are. She says she is going to make application to a spanking and caning magazine, and would Martina like to join her. “Can’t hurt.”

Discipline in Russia #24 – Omon-Prostitutes – NETTLES

29 Sep

MF/2f; time: 57 minutes

Two ‘prostitutes,’ ‘Alena’ and ‘Maria,’ shuffle from foot to foot in the bright sunlight in an open field. They complain about their incomes and are looking for business. Just what do they expect, we wonder, in this wilderness? But this is a Russian film.

The girls are approached by ‘Alex,’ who we know from the credits is an OMON captain in plain clothes. He is doing his police work out here in the bush, and we will see later, is ever the opportunist. He bargains with the girls for sex, and wants to whip them also. The girls ask, “Until blood?” and when he says that is what he wants, they raise their price. Good negotiators, what? The deal is reached, he hands over the marked bills, and two OMON associates,’Ignaty’ (actor ‘Nikita’) and ‘Lieutenant Nadezda’ (‘Nadezda/Nadia Dozorova’) jump out of the bushes.

A van is called, the girls are manacled and loaded, and taken away, to another part of the forest, as A.A. Milne would say. The girls are marched into some shade, which will help the cameraman but create annoying shadows. The three OMON characters search the girls’ bags and find the drug ‘klafelin.’

Of course the girls themselves need to be searched. The girls are ordered to strip, which they do slowly and awkwardly. Ignaty helps himself to fondle both girls while the bag search is completed.

The two naked girls are marched deeper into the woods by the three fully dressed OMON operatives. Alena is the first to be tied spread-eagled to two birch trees. There must have been a lot of rope in the van, seen in the background. Alena gets the usual thorough usual Russian whipping from birch cuttings–the shadows obscure just how significant the results are.

Next, a bit out of format, Alena is made to kneel on all fours. Alex drops his pants and fucks her doggy-style, while she sucks off Ignaty, but we don’t see any of the essentials. So much for diligent police work.

Buxom, abundant, Slavic Maria is whipped next, in the same way, and she finds herself on her knees servicing the two OMON’s in the same way. Good for them!


29 Sep

Selected intercepts.

‘Antique Methods’ (M/2f; time: 10 minutes) Five short films packaged together, all about naughty girls who are stealing, filmed on the same location, and featuring the same male disciplinarian.

The male ‘headmaster’ type summons two students, ‘Hedford’ and ‘Hanna,’ as best we could hear their names. An antiquarian bookseller reported the girls for stealing books from the school and selling them to him.

Now these old guys will stick together. In some stories, the retailer, possibly conspiratorial, gets to participate in the punishments also. After denials (there was surveillance camera footage), then apologies, then the shopworn line, “Sorry is not going to cut it,” we learn the Head has gotten waivers on the school CP prohibition.

Caned Before Breakfast‘ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Actress ‘Dublin O’Brien’ surveys a messy kitchen and calls out ‘Simone!” Down the stairs comes Simone, the actress ‘Samantha Johnson.’ In this short film, we have the pleasure of two titans of the CP film industry.

Simone is put to work cleaning up; Dublin soon returns, a cane hidden behind her back. Simone bends over the kitchen counter and Dublin flips her dress up and begins handspanking her on the jeans she wears underneath. Dublin unzips the jeans, drops them, and continues on the black panties. Dublin tugs the panties down–all this is conventional stuff, except of course Ms Johnson would possess one of the very best and most willing bottoms in the CP film industry.

Dublin switches to a thick synthetic cane. About 30 strokes are shown, repeats from several angles. After some more cleanup–bare bottom at the sink–the best way to do it, a few more cane strokes.

Domestic Discipline‘ (M/sf; time: 15 minutes) A slightly contrived plot–an ageplay guy found throughout XEROTICS finds two girls goofing off in a sauna room where they were supposed to be working and cleaning. They will be fired or take a caning–two minutes to decide.

Must be a recession going on, because they will take the punishment choice. Two girls like this could find work anywhere. A tall thin blonde will go first–this guy likes his girls naked and gets right to it–she strips to the skin, shiny white skirt and top off, no undies.

She bends for a caning and presents a bottom already spanked. Recently we were reading a history of the partners who put together the MOONGLOW collections. Booking a model with a clear bottom was a challenge; the popular girls had either been recently spanked or wanted to preserve their appearance. The girls must have been free-lance. How exactly do you word the question to their agent?

The blonde is caned, 12 strokes, welts on top of welts. Then, hands on head, facing us, peach fuzz. A buxom pigtailed light brunette gets naked for the same caning. She was spanked recently also, and harder. She has a naughty dragon tattoo over her left buttock.

The girls gather their clothes, do perfunctory tidying in the bath area, and then get caned again for not moving fast

Prefect’s Buttocks‘ (M/2f; time:20 minutes) A subtitle: “Exquisite Humiliation In Conjunction with Quivering Cheeks.” A dippy blonde we see from time to time plays a prefect. She has convinced new girl ‘Sarah Burgess’ to report to the wrong class, which is now gong to cost Sarah a caning. This is a tough school.

Ubiquitous ‘Mr. Peters’ will take this opportunity to give this new bottom at the school a caning, 20 strokes are shown–welts, gasps, and a few wild ones low on the thighs they could not have intended. He makes Sarah stand in the corner and clench the cane between her buttocks.

In the hall, he jumps the blond prefect and has her touch toes. When he takes her knickers down, she is already marked. Busy actresses. She gets only 8 strokes and turns to stare at us like we shouldn’t be here.

‘Slipper and Buttocks’ (F/2f; time: 17 minutes) Two blond students, one the regular ‘Heather Stanton,’ dressed in schoolgirl outfits, wait in the cinder block-walled space XEROTICS often used. The girls discuss the spankings which are coming.

An older woman, Miss Smith, another XEROTICS regular, arrives and scolds. She will spank Heather first, OTK, skirt up, full white panties down. The second blonde gets the same, side by side.

When the girls start to argue and accuse each other in obscene terms, the matron switches to a slipper on both bottoms.

One of many undistinguished XEROTICS products of this length.

It’s either a spanking or the police. Both girls receive routine bare bottom OTK spankings then rub at the wall. The Head maintains his decorum admirably.

Strapping Before Breakfast‘(M/2f; time: 15 minutes) The same male actor as above, using the same school set as above, plays a smarmy father who will spank his two daughters. The’vicar’ caught them stealing some of precious garden vegetables, destined for a county fair contest.

Father has ‘Kathy’ drop her pants and panties, and his other daughter, already in just panties and gymslip, strip naked. The girls don’t hesitate.

He spanks them both OTK–the naked girl is unconcerned about her exposure. While he fetches a strap, the girls hurl obscene remarks at each other, which will increase the intensity of his strapping. He uses a body-length low hassock for the girls to lie on, very Russian. An odd piece of furniture.

Strap Slipper or Cane‘ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Same actors as above, playing an ageplay ‘uncle,’ same setting, the Victorian rooms of an old house in keeping with these characteristics. The downtown ‘chemist’ saw his ‘niece’ shoplifting.

Her searches her person and finds expensive cosmetics in her uniform. That will be a spanking. She is left waiting for him, holding the implements.

OTK and over a stool, pants down, for straightforward spanking and the strap.

Thieving Maid‘ (M/f; time:5 minutes) The same actor as above finds his ‘maid’ searching bureau drawers. He’ll search hers; she leans on a trunk standing in the bedroom and takes a brief spanking from him.

Thou Shalt Not Steal‘ (M/2f; time: 10 minutes) The fifth film of this little series, the same actor and set as above, still on the theme of thieving girls, in full red satin choir robe regalia, and penitent before the actor, himself in full priest’s dress.

At his command, they pull up their robes and drop their panties, then kneel before him and implore.

After a long lecture, he cashes in on those priestly discretions best not discussed, and gives them both a spanking and a strapping, getting good looks at what they have to offer.

Truant‘ (time: 14 minutes) ‘Tom Cooper’ plays a school disciplinarian, in a distribution by XEROTCS, with the feel of MOONGLOW, but too short. Somewhere in storage is a trove of unreleased spanking clips. Where are the archivists?

He will spank a tall brunette, in her gray schoolgirl kit and, good girl, full white knickers. He takes her OTK, panties down and soon is using a doubled belt.

The cane next, 15 strokes. The girl does some nice suffering, and camera angle adjustments probably permit repeats. Hands-on-head, to the wall, white lines and marks, sniffles. The British never fail us.

Katie’s Climactic Whipping – NUWEST

25 Sep

M/f; year: 1998; time: 26 minutes

Another sexually based whipping from Ed Lee, and one of his best. ‘Katie’ stands naked, in nothing but stiletto heels, strung up, legs spread wide over the lighted box platform which contains a camera. Stunning as always, she is. Her hair is longer here, not all of it.

The camera circles. Katie has a bikini tan; she wears full bottoms in the sun, because her buttocks are stark white against the tan of her thighs. Lee notes her tan and comments he will have to avoid her reddish thighs with his whip. Here is another example of her trim little figure. He is in his long ponytail phase, wears his paisley robe and holds the usual cocktail.

Lee pipes Mexican music into the loud speakers in the tiled room and begins with the whip. Katie dutifully gasps at the first stroke. Lee whips in bunches, frigs between her legs, and tweaks her nipples. The camera in the box between her legs shoots up and captures the whole thing, Katie squirms on his fingers.

Marks begin. At one point, Lee frigs with both hands. Katie isn’t going anywhere. Lee has a dildo and he puts a condom on it where she can watch him do it. After some teasing, he works the dildo in and gives her a thorough ride. It is impossible to imagine that she did not just forget the theater and let it happen.

Discipline in Russia #26 -Convent Correction For Depraved School Girls – NETTLES

25 Sep

M/3f; time: 57 minutes

Before we even begin, the mangled title translation tells us where we are headed for another wild ride from NETTLES.

Three schoolgirls appear before School Principal ‘Vladimir’ (actor ‘Nikita’). He scolds the girls for something and they giggle a bit. This is a rare NETTLES production without subtitles. We think we can decipher it. Whatever the girls have done, he can’t handle it, so they will be sent to a monastery.

The girls report to the monastery and are briefed by ‘Mother Stepanida’ (actress Nadezda Dozorova). Also present is a guy in a black Halloween pirate beard. It is Vladimir. Since he can’t get the girls’ pants off at his school, he has cut himself into the action here at the monastery.

The girls will be disciplined one at a time, as NETTLES likes to do. Auburn haired ‘Irina’ stands in front of the Mother and the Beard. Does she wonder about him? She is ordered to take her clothes off, which she does slowly, then covers up as she twists naked in front of the elders. Mother inspects her first, pulling her buttocks apart, looking for contraband. The Beard inspects her too, in his own way, sticking a finger in her pussy. He is looking for something also. She is sent off, quite naked.

‘Tatyana’s’ turn, a bright colored blonde with piercing blue eyes the camera will catch several times. She undresses also, and she is very entertaining–our favorite part of the film–those eyes. She gets probed and doesn’t seem to mind.

‘Ludmila’ is last, a blonde with her hair pinned up. She strips also, and keeps checking the camera to ensure she is doing this correctly. She gets her probing also.

The three naked girls are brought back and given monastery clothes–bloomers, gymslips, black maids’ dresses, satin aprons. They will be working as maids at the monastery?

Time for the punishment. A young male is summoned, ‘Stocker Gavril.’ A handsome bare-chested guy appears. He is going to be given the girls, one at a time, for their whippings. He has brought Irina with him. There is more conversation, and Irina fights a giggle at the dialogue. She strips off her outfit and is tied naked to a large interior pillar in this “ballroom,” while Mother and the Beard watch.

Stocker canes her, and he is very good at it. She is tied loosely enough that she surges and twists, creating some wild stripes. Stocker unties her and leads her away, she naked and he bare-chested. She is 1′ taller than he is, but he could handle her.

Ludmila is walked out, strips, and is then whipped at the pillar.

And Tatyana last; each girls’ stripe pattern and intensity are different, providing enough authenticity for us. We enjoyed watching Stocker delicately lead each naked girl off-stage, as if they has somewhere to go.

Severe Caning – NUWEST

25 Sep

F/m; time: 45 minutes

An unusually long film for NUWEST, containing scenes of Ed Lee being roasted with a cane by two of his girls. In reality, it would have taken a year to make these sequences to allow Lee to recover, were it not for some cosmetic assistance. But we’re fine with the theater, because the girls are glorious, in their varying states of undress.

A very young, nubile, and prancy ‘Joanne Jameson’ enters the stage; and a comparatively young Ed Lee, still with short curly hair, is bent over a chair. Joanne circles with a cane. “This ass is mine tonight…strip your shorts off…give them to me…present yourself to me.” Joanne checks Lee’s bare butt and notes marks and dings which will present some trouble tonight.

Before she begins her work, Joanne herself strips naked, and as we have mentioned in other reviews, the camera will be as much interested in her as Lee. Long legs, little fuzz, stockings, heels, very nice. She begins the caning as SHE counts. At 17 strokes the blood begins, in the same places for him.

At 30 strokes, Lee falls to his knees and nuzzles her buttocks. “Put your tongue into it,” she demands. Detail was not possible for NW production in those days. More caning, strokes go from 31 to 85! “Plenty of blood, that’s what I like!” Do we believe her? Both Lee and Joanne are breathing hard after the final flurry.

The caning cuts to what looks like a rest break in the dressing room, filmed through the door, again a weak shot which would have been very entertaining were the view better.

A four-minute scene follows, another blonde caning Lee over a chair. She chickened out and only stripped to her undies, but this is still a very sexy voyeuristic early CP. There is some ad-lib and laughter.

The longest scene: Lee is bent over the chair again, this time dressed in women’s underwear, an occurrence which happened often enough to maybe mean something about him. Joanne on patrol again, and this time with no pants on. Plenty to watch as she stalks about.

Various scene changes and angles, Joanne places a horizontal wall mirror on the floor to try to capture Lee’s face, but it doesn’t work–reflects the studio lights and can’t be positioned accurately. This mirror technique is used skillfully later in CP film production, the best when floor-to-ceiling bedroom mirrors can reflect everything, not just a pretty face.

Joanne swooshes and paces; we catch glimpses of her nudity at every opportunity. Joanne seems a little excited, part of the theater. You wonder who will be around to calm her down when the shoot is concluded.

After more dressing room breaks, they are back on the floor for more. Pussy closeups and licking from Lee (any better?), Joanne rips him up with what they call the “final flurry,”

Some scenes are tagged in here, of camera identified as “four” and “five”; Joanne is completely naked, and when we figure out how to do screen captures, one will come from here.

We have read on a few informative blogs about the decline of NUWEST and the litigation after the death of Ed Lee. The bickering described among the actresses, protective of their physical assets, should not surprise us, but it does rankle our fantasies. We have suggested that Joanne and others probably got a lot of pleasure when Lee was the subject of the whupping.

Discipline in Russia #39 -Family of Count Rasumovsky – NETTLES

24 Sep

2M/f; time: 60 minutes

Count and Countess Rasumovsky (actors ‘Nikita’ and ‘Nadezda Dozorova,’ respectively), wearing buffoon-like 18th century aristocratic cartoon clothing certainly NOT out of a ‘Dr. Zhivago’ costume trunk, discuss their daughter ‘Olga,’ who stays out late and played with boys at a recent ball. The scene is the high-ceiling’d ex-ballroom we have seen in many NETTLES films.

Olga is summoned, a diminutive brunette still in her nightie–gymslip and bloomers. After a scolding which doesn’t seem to penetrate, the Count will try something else. “Take off your pants…lift your shirt.” He fondles her bare bottom before he begins ceremonial glancing slaps guaranteed not to impress.

She is sent to get some salt from the kitchen, through the mansion without her bloomers, so the staff can see. She must kneel on the salt, in the corner, for two hours. Closeups of her bare bottom, and–the Russians like this, her bare feet.

“Next Day”: Olga, still in her undies, is caught masturbating as she reads the Marquis de Sade. If she is fascinated by pain, the Count has an idea. He calls in ‘Father Gavril’ (actor Gerry Geroshvilli), who he knowss will test her pain threshold. Father will take Olga to his “closed monastery.”

The monastery is the same set, and using the same punishment rack we have seen in a number of films. Olga is led here, looking sufficiently helpless and contrite that this might be fun. “I’ll hang you and you’ll remain in this position for today…tomorrow the rod and the whip.”

Olga is made to strip naked–she is not going to argue with the Father if she wants to go home any time soon. (Condensed) Olga is tied, hanging suspended, in a bunched position, sideways on the frame, using complicated versions of Japanese bondage, shinju and karada, about the only complex undertakings NETTLES can ever seem to manage. Everything is exposed, to put it mildly. Father flogs her every part with a martinet–soon there is a random pattern of criss-crossing pink stripes.

After a cut, naked Olga is spread-eagled in the frame, for a frontal flogging.

Another cut, she is tied kneeling to vertical bars on the punishment table, for the cane. She screams after every stroke, just about as loud as we think we have ever heard on a CP film. Does the word ‘catterwawl’ work? Sixty cane strokes are counted in the subtitles, and this is just Olga’s first day.

Spanking Machines at PAIN4FEM

22 Sep

P4F; nine episodes here, some we have already reviewed.

We’ve found a number of episodes from this wonderful website; their electronic adjustable spanking and whipping machine remains unparalleled in our investigation.

A blonde in top  and shorts strips and is attached to the inverted ‘V’ padded trestle, after she is forced to watch the machine’s stiff leather strap attachment smack a practice pillow in the position where her bottom will soon be. She climbs into position, is fastened down, and the strap slaps her with the motion of a fly swatter, except with the intensity to bring immediate tears. One of our absolute favorite P4F films. (12 Minutes)

A blonde wearing just a bit of lingerie is stripped and attached to the tilted frame. Peter sets and Helen runs the machine. A strap attached. (9 minutes)

A more statuesque runway-like blonde, in a holding cell in front of the machine, in a sort of sarong. Peter and Helen in uniform; the girl strips naked, flashing her tended landing strip; a lot of girl attached to the tilted frame. The lanyard on the machine brings immediate cries. The first strokes begin lower-thigh and ladder up her buttocks. Helen oils. Pater caresses. (11 minutes)

A very buxom little blonde is brought in and strips waist-down, leaving on only her halter. She is attached to the lattice trestle, almost bigger than she is. Peter measures the distances to her bottom, teases, the Helen clicks on the machine. (11 minutes)

Some of these machine whippings can get a little mean. A  blonde is stripped and tied to a post, facing us for her own version of being burned at the stake. Helen ties her legs so she can’t wiggle, because she is going to try. Hands fastened overhead. Peter measures to her impressive boobs with the lanyard. In this unfortunate position, she can watch all the preparations. The lanyard lashes her oiled breasts. Very sexy (13 minutes)

A blonde in eyeglasses is stripped to the waist, fastened to the ‘T’ cross, her hands above and behind her head. Her majestic breasts get a whipping, and if her nipples are any indication, this went well for her.

‘Brunette  naked’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) A lovely and demure ponytailed brunette is brought into the punishment. Helen removes her handcuffs. Peter stands by. The girl strips naked, averting eye contact. She is spectacular of course. Handcuffs back on in front for the moment.

Closeups of the machinery. A stiff stick is attached this time. Some practice strokes are tried on a pillow placed at the trestle apex. The girl has to watch. Helen replaces the handcuffs with leather cuffs. The girl gives an involuntary little shiver doing this. We repeated to be sure it really happened. A morsel.

Helen helps the girl onto the trestle, bottom high, cuffs fashioned, wrists and ankles, and a waist strap. Peter ensures the measurements and nods to Helen to activate the laptop. A nice smacking, the girl jumps, the red marks are laddered somewhat. We’ve said, there should be a machine where Staff can go out for coffee. Would have worked here.

Ed’s Place -Joanne – NUWEST

17 Sep

M/f; time: 28 minutes

Wonderful oldie, featuring ‘Joanne Jameson,’ one of NUWEST’s most svelte, inventive, courageous, and of course naughty actresses of the time. A number of girls made ‘Ed’s Place’ films, where Ed played with the girls in different ways.

Lee meets Joanne on the tiled sound stage; after a brief conversation, she stands and begins undressing, back to us of course, taking her time about it. Only NUWEST took the film time to generate the anticipation like this. Joanne wears conventional street clothes–a long maroon knit dress which proves difficult to unbutton, pantyhose, bra, and panties. Quite matter-of-factly, she is soon naked. Her brown hair reaches the center of her back in this era.

Stark naked, Joanne looks very small. She quickly lies on her back on a couch and captures her legs bent into the diaper position, bent nearly double, her ankles around her head, pubic hair poking through her thighs. Lee whips her with a martinet, slashing forehand and backhand. Little squeals. Camera angles from both sides and overhead. “We’ll get you warmed up here.” For what? This is the main event.

Dissolve to Joanne kneeling on a chair, thighs spread, leaning over its back. Same angles for Lee’s whip. Joanne is very appealing from every aspect in this simple exercise.

Another dissolve; Joanne is now strung up, still naked of course, and we have a frontal view. Lee fondles. She stands back and leans forward on the rope, thrusting out her bottom. Lee uses the dog whip. Joanne never better.

Debra Meets Her Match – NUWEST NWV-328

17 Sep

MF/f; time: 26 minutes

Another oldie we have never reviewed here; ‘Debra,’ the actress now the curator of the remnants of the NUWEST tradition, and possibly a reader of ours, had no ‘match’ in her career, in the published opinions of many of us.

The scene opens on the barren soundstage. Ed Lee is seated in a chair and dominatrix/producer Dana Specht observes. Debra wears a pinafore, vest, white blouse, stockings, and, we’ll see the rest, garter belt and thong. After a brief OTK spanking from Ed, Dana takes over.

She pulls up Debra’s skirt. “Look at that pretty little bottom.” In this era, maybe not so ‘little’ any more, but more than pretty. Solid, firm, and you’d like to imagine a line of volunteer spankers form to see if they could wear it out. Dana taunts Debra, reminding her of a previous spanking, maybe in ‘Debra’s New Boss’ (NWV-326). The OTK spanking is filmed from the usual varied angles–overhead, oblique, facial, frontal, but for some reason the lighting and sound differ harshly from camera to camera. Lee watches, paces, walks off-set to fill his cocktail. If there ever was a bottom which should be left with a spanking machine over the lunch hour, this is it.

At one point, Lee kneels at Debra’s face, allowing her to nuzzle him as Dana spanks. In later films, hemight have taken his pants off here. Lee takes over again, and at one point they each take a buttock.

Dana switches to the famous NUWEST hairbrush, still recalled in CP literature.

Debra strips down to bustier, thong, garter belt,and stockings. Over a bar stool/trestle, one with an unusually wide leg base to handle this bedlam, for the cane. Can’t imagine Debra was much fazed by any of this.