English Girl, English Cane – STRICTLYENGLISH

1 Sep

M/f; year: 2006; time: 44 minutes

A video which is the second part of ‘Amelia Jane and the Tutor,’ and found on Amelia Jane Rutherford’s ‘Volume 2’ at STRICTLYENGLISH, a long and self-contained story continued from Volume 1, included with parts of other stories. As simple as it is, the film contains some of the most exquisite British-oriented old fashioned CP ritual play you will find. And Ms. Rutherford, circa 2005, in her mid-twenties, puts on as glamorous and erotic a performance/display as we believe we have seen, and it goes on for 44 minutes.

Amelia reports to her tutor, Professor Templeton, the perfectly cast small ageplay professor with the Freudian beard. She is expecting, really asking for, a spanking, having written an essay about the anticipation of the sensations of a submissive spanking, which essay Templeton now has in his possession. Amelia arrives at his office, wearing a cutoff white blouse and plaid kilt; in this part of her career, her blond hair is short and curly.

The professor begins to threaten with a slipper; he wants her skirt off, she resists. “I’m not taking it off,” but she wants to, all the while her fingers reflexively reach for the buttons. She hands over the skirt and displays tight white bikini panties, another example of the actress’s attention to elegant but extremely erotic knickers.

Templeton will spank her nine times on each cheek, for each page of her naughty essay. Amelia assents, “as long as I can keep my panties on.” What are the odds on that? After just a few smacks the professor drags the panties down. “Get your legs apart.” Great struggling, frontal flashes.

Templeton wants her to read aloud from her paper, and shows her his paddle for “attitude changing.” Amelia steps out of her panties and reflexively covers her crotch, all the little erotic CP cues. “Get over my lap.” She walks half-naked to him, the best fontal yet, and they know it. He begins with the paddle, on a chair where he sits so low her bottom is practically lickible in his face. What not? “Can’t we just go back to handspanking?” Squeals.

She does read from her essay; he shows her his tawse, “made in the town of Lochbelly.” She bends over the back of a chair, really one of the most striking positions for her we can recall, for the tawse and groping. She is so thoroughly spanked and humiliated you wonder why she is compelled to still hide her privates. but this is theater.

“In order for you to remain focused tonight, I’m going to give you a caning…remove your blouse, the caning will be given to you in a naked humiliating condition.” Blouse off, rarely a bra for Ms. Rutherford, she cowers demurely, unbelievably naked, behind a potted plant, hopefully not nettles. Frontals, hands-on-head, corner time, all the CP stuff except a mantelpiece.

Over the chair again, two strokes of the cane; she wants her panties back on, “Please, please!” but they are soon down again because she can’t hold position. These animated knickers, central in every scene, should be given their own credit. The professor uses a ‘junior’ and ‘senior’ (this his “dragon”) cane, impressive snaps. “Ow, fuck!” About 20 strokes, she loses count.

The professor doesn’t go for Amelia’s theatricals, although he never misses a chance to fondle and grope, so she earns extras, not over the chair but touching toes, more ritual. He tells her, “The last stroke has to be….?” “The hardest.”

Facials, sobbing, mascara runs, red nose, lots of frontals, quaking in humiliation at the wall, zoom on her assets, extensive ritual.

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