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1 Sep

Much to choose from in the bountiful site; we are concentrating on the usual variety of spanking devices Pain4Fem conjures.

‘Angela’ (F/f; time: 4 minutes) ‘Angela’ is brought, more or less dragged, to the whipping platform/gurney by ‘Peter Schober’ and ‘Helen,’ a refreshing variation of the girls who climb on voluntarily. They strap her down, position the blanket under her hips, and drag her panties off before her legs are spread and fastened by the Velcro.

Helen does the strapping, she is as good as Peter at it; some models can take more intensity than others. Usual scenic view between her thighs; when Angela rises to dress, she shows the discomfort you would expect.

‘Bridget B’ (F/f; time: 2 minutes) A very pretty blonde is brought into the room, wearing a fashionable shorty silk robe. Helen takes her robe, and she is naked of course.

She is bent over and she inserts her head and wrists in the stocks. Helen flogs her in a typically perfect scene.

‘Caprice’ (F/f; time: 4 minutes) Thin brunette Caprice is working out at a weight machine. She wears just little panties and nothing else. Her upper body glistens with oil.

The female blond P4F/SpankingServer lady Helen helps her out of the seat of the machine, cuffs her wrists and fasten them overhead to the mechanism, then flogs her mildly across the back, in a brief and sexy scene.

‘Celine’ Spanking Machine (M/f; 7 minutes) A gorgeous slim blonde is brought by assistant ‘Helen’ to stand in front of the slanted rack. She hands over her little white shorts and is naked but for a skimpy spaghetti-strap top. She is splayed over and strapped to the frame.

Webmaster Peter Schober adjusts the strike of the stiff strap attached to the sophisticated electronic spanking machine. Celine watches over her shoulder in nervous apprehension. He steps back, and at his signal, Helen activates the program. The thick, firm, and heavy strap cracks resoundingly across Celine’s captured buttocks. She cries out on each stroke; the machine whirs and delivers hard and loud smacks, irregular in time with the motor, with a little whir, slightly adjusting the location from time to time. Demonic and very entertaining. We like this strap.

‘Debbie’ Flogger (F/f; time: 6 minutes) P4F does one of the best jobs at varying the equipment used in this series. Here, very tall, blond Debbie removes her own shorts and lies across a horizontal slatted trestle.

The blond female disciplinarian, Helen, who occasionally gets a chance to be the Top, flogs her with a soft martinet. Colorful, lots of fun; Debbie kneels in the corner to conclude.

‘Ellena’ (F/f; time: 2 minutes) A pretty blonde takes off all her clothes in just a few seconds amd bends over a padded sawhorse for a standard caning from female assistant ‘Helen.’ Her thighs are wide and she is aroused. Some nice facials of her hanging head.

‘Katty’s Corporal Punishment’ (M/f) Peter and Helen, in uniform, let dark brunette Katty out of the holding cell in the room with the punishment equipment. Handcuffs off, she strips naked quickly –jean skirt, thong, top, no bra. Just heels. A showgirl.

Peter takes this glamorous nude over his lap for a conventional spanking. Katty rises and drapes herself over the familiar wooden latticed spanking trestle. Helen fastens her wrists and back; Peter takes up a cane, our copy of the film ended at this moment.

‘Kelly’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Tall, Continental-looking, arrow-thin brunette ‘Kelly’ waits in a holding cell with the spanking machine visible. Very intimidating and erotic.

Producer Peter Schober’s blond assistant ‘Helen’ (was she ever volunteered to test equipment?) brings Kelly out of the cell. She resists just slightly, a touch we like. She strips naked and is strapped down over the angled, padded wood frame.

Peter adjust the machine, this time fitted with a thin stiff paddle/strap. Kelly looks back over her shoulder, quite alarmed, another nice touch. Her legs are spread, and we detect what the camera wants us to see–she is excited, and it increases.

He signals to start the machine–wonderful loud cracks which startle Kelly. This is one of the best demonstrations of this machine we have seen. After a good six-minute spanking, Kelly is released and painfully dresses, presenting us her Mohawk, which took some time to perfect. Back into the cell.

‘Kelly’ Stocks (M/f; time: 3 minutes) A brief appearance from the blond, buxom, round-bottomed, willing P4F favorite. Peter drags her onto a platform, she quickly strips naked, bends ninety degrees, and puts her neck and wrists in the holes of the classic Elizabethan stock.

He locks her down with the folding top half and whips her delicious bottom with a strap for just a short time.

‘Krista’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Krista, a buxom brunette, strips naked, and is fastened on her back on the padded, slanted board, her knees pulled back, legs spread. Not going to be good for her.

The spanking machine is positioned with a floppy strap to slap her pussy. “Yeoww,” in a foreign language.

‘Lea’ Table (M/f; time: 3 minutes) In the P4F catalogue, we have focused on their wide variety of demonic restraining devices. This table, one found in BDSM literature, has a hole in it. Lea kneels up on the table, and under the relentless and firm guidance of Mr. Schober, she pushes her head through the hole. Her spread knees and ankles are strapped into place, her wrists pulled behind her knees and chained together. Bottom-high, head low, she can’t see a thing, only wonder.

Inventive Mr. Schober snaps her anus with a small stick, vertically, along the line of her buttocks and crease, which are pulled apart by the pose. Wicked, and mercifully short, surely satisfying to Lea, who is not having a good time. But we are, we’ll watch for this table.

‘Lucie’ (M/f; time: 3 minutes) A very brief version of the ‘Judicial Canings’ films. Lucie, a stunning blonde, in a plaid kilt and top, faces the gurney. She strips quickly and Peter Schober straps her down with the Velcro and puts the folded blanket under her hips.

As usual, with her thighs spread wide, she shows us everything she’s got. Peter does the brief strapping, Lucie’s bottom full screen most of the time. She squawks, as one would expect.

‘Mia’ Spanking Machine (M/f; time: 13 minutes) A small, tawny blonde is brought in handcuffed, then released. She strips naked herself–another eye-popping corn-fed body.

She is going to get the spanking machine. She stands naked, watching the preparations. She faces an inverted ‘V’ shaped padded bench. A pillow is placed at its apex; the spanking machine, fitted with the thick and heavy strap, smacks the pillow with perpendicular strokes, the ferocity so loud, hard, and shocking that Lea jumps.

Lea shimmies into place, her perfect bottom in the position of the pillow; she shivers when Peter brushes the bare skin of her bottom as he calibrates the stroke fall. The whipping begins, the machine arm strikes from ninety degrees above and Lea squeals.

This is our favorite short film from P4F so far.

‘Nataly’ (M/f; time: 3 minutes) Another stunning model, a blue-eyed brunette. Helen assists her to prepare, cuffs her, and fastens her wrists to wall hooks on a plank, nothing more than a coatrack in appearance, but higher. If you like armpits, check out P4F.

Peter Schober pulls her blue dress down to her waist, and flogs and fondles her bare boobs, in an erotic 3 minutes.

Nordic blonde-the sawhorse; (F/f; time: 4 minutes) The film we saw had no title; Helen helps another tall, breathtaking Nordic pigtailed blonde strip to just bra and lie over a padded sawhorse. Her wrists and ankles are fastened to the legs, and her thighs are spread by this posture.

Helen does the strapping; the girl’s head hangs so low her pretty face can be seen through her legs, just below her full puss.

‘Pandora 2’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) The adventurous and courageous ‘Pandora Blake’ graces us with another appearance at Pain4Fem and the Spanking Machine. For the first experience, she was fastened over a wooden trestle for attention to her bottom.

Here, she is escorted on-set by P4F assistant ‘Helen.’ She strips naked quickly, facing us. As often as she has appeared in CP films, she is infrequently stark naked and so exposed. Helen cuffs her wrists and fastens her facing us to a wooden, shoulder-height T-cross.

Peter positions the spanking machine, fitted with a lanyard here. she cringes at the practice strokes, entertaining here because she is facing us and all the preparations. The machine whips her breasts for a three or four minute period.

Helen oils the red area around her boobs and chest before she is released.

‘Sara’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Another stunning blonde, no dialogue. Sara stands in front of the gurney, wearing a red kilt and white top. She drops her panties and climbs on without being urged along. Peter fastens her down and inserts the folded blanket under her hips per usual.

During the strapping, Sara’s pussy becomes the focus of the action, because she has become excited by the whole affair. At the conclusion, she pulls up her pink panties and leaves.

londe on a gurney)(M/f; time: 3 minutes) Possibly an early P4F, filmed somewhere else other than the studio later used for all the unusual spanking devices. Here, a blonde is already fastened, wrists and ankles, to table covered by a blanket. The girl is wearing just a white shift. A folded blanket elevates her hips.

Another assistant, not ‘Helen,’ helps Peter Schober here. Both are in uniform, in this case looking more like maintenance staff. Shift flicked up, no panties. Peter canes her. The position completely exposes her pussy. Excellent closeups and obliques.

‘Tiffany’ (stocks)(F/f; time: 3 minutes) Helen hurries Tiffany to the stocks, gets her clothes off in seconds, and whips her with a strap. A very tall blonde, a lot of glamorous body to work on.

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