Reform School Girls – NUWEST NWV-019

3 Sep

2F/3f; year: 1982; time: 32 minutes

The earliest NW ‘talkie’ we have found so far, catalogue # 019, not featuring any of the NUWEST cast we came to recognize, except one.

“OK, tough broads!” announces a female matron. Choppy pans of three girls who are ‘inmates.’ Two uniformed female matrons march the girls to a blank wall on the familiar NW sound stage. “Take off your clothes and put them in a neat pile on the floor.” The girls take almost 4 minutes to get naked, their backs to us, lots of clothing, the usual conventional foundation street dress per NW, no sappy porn outfits here.

The naked girls pick up their clothing piles and are marched out. Dissolve to the three naked girls in a cell, whispering: “They spank your ass until it is red,” one girl has heard. A matron, holdinhg a hairbrush, marches them out to another room (the same studio, of course) The girls face us–big hair top and bottom, it is 1982.

The first girl, a curly-haired brunette, is taken OTK first. The crack of the hairbrush seems to surprise her. She squeals, all the girls will, and has to be held down. Their cries are more in the “boo hoo” category than tears, but that brush means business.

The second naked inmate, a blonde–it is ‘Debbie,’ one of NW’s earliest models from the silent film period; and the third girl, a long-haired brunette, get the same. They all get to watch the spankings.

The girls remain slightly amused; the second matron will spank them again with the hairbrush. Zoom on bushy pubic hair. One of the girls, running at the mouth, gets a third spanking.

The film concludes with the girls facing the wall, their bottoms being smacked with rulers by the two matrons.

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