Punishment Date – MOONGLOW

8 Sep

M/f; time: 52 minutes

Early MOONGLOW, featuring one of our favorite bottoms, attached to the actress ‘Alison Payne,’ her most common stage name. This film may have been titled ‘Wife’s Sister,’ the storyline fits that title.

A woman arranges for a man, a professional, to spank her sister Alison. She has been in trouble at work and this punishment will prevent her firing. The man enters the room where Alison waits. She knows him, seems to be expecting him, and must know what this is about. She has run off and escaped this once before. She is alarmed by the armload of spanking implements her carries. “Not all those!” Alison, with her long flowing chestnut Liverpudlian hair, wears a loose black jersey and tight white tights, making for a delightfully scandalous appearance, in her best places. And she knew this was coming!

OTK first, white leggings soon down. He selects a paddle with studs, eliciting a gasp. Throughout the film, the spanking scenes are repeated with frame reversed–the right-handed spanker becomes left-handed, etc. A way to deal with a separate camera angle. But those buttocks are symmetrical. Only a model like Alison,  this bottom, can pull off this duplication. Alison kneels on a chair, elbows over and onto a table, more paddle. She is muttering curses.

Spankings continue–riding crop, rug beater, martinet, tawse.

The guy sends Alison to “put on something sexy.” You wonder just what the sister’s wife intended to happen here. Alison returns in bustier, garter belt, and stockings. The brother-in-law pulls down her top and helps himself to her boobs.

Alison lies full-length on a blanket-covered table. Her wrists and ankles are tied to the legs. Panties come down for the first time, at 25 minutes. [a loud motor noise intrudes, like a panting dog, albeit a very big one, another flaw which may explain why this film has been so scarce]. Puss shots between her thighs. “You won’t get away from me this time.”

At a pause she asks, “What are you looking for?” “I am admiring the view.” More spanking with a shoe horn. More martinet. “You can’t walk out on this one.” He checks her bottom, “It’s getting a bit warm.” And red.

A leather sole next, when she twists around, there is some hair under her arms, setting an early date on this. More riding crop, the studded strap, flogger, sole.

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