Punishment Night on Olive Ave. – NUWEST

8 Sep

M/f; time: 25 minutes

Another clunky and midlife NU-WEST, this one featuring Ed Lee and a bouncy  young ‘Katie,’ but this film struck an erotic chord with us and becomes one of our favorites.

The story here reinforces our admiration for Ed Lee’s imaginative creation of bizarre circumstance into which to maneuver a girl to spank her. Here, Lee plays Katie’s boyfriend or husband, or maybe she is just a horny actress on the NW staff. She wants to be driven to an industrial building and given punishment spankings for fantasized transgressions.

The film opens with a car boring through the night, a camera (maybe operated, if anyone, by Vanna or Debra) in the back seat, an opening used in a number of motel or appointment spankings. Lee drives, Katie nuzzles him–she is going to get her bottom singed. They enter an empty industrial building (Olive Ave, actually just back to their studio)–the sudden studio hum. Young Lee wears a sport coat and is in his Hitler mustache stage; Katie wears a long coat and carries a handbag. 

“OK, Katherine…you’re a spoiled little brat…we’re going to spank your bottom, that’s what you want, right?” “Right.” It is, and she will get a lot more than that. 

She hands over her coat; she wears a tight skirt and black top, heels, like they’re coming from dinner. Lee fondles her round bottom and pulls up her skirt to expose pantyhose and panties. When she tries to tug her skirt back down, part of the erotic ritual, she must put her hands on her head.

On cue, she asks him–he is to be her father, she has been caught mowing the lawn in bare feet, she must be spanked. Lee wants her to explain the particulars. “You will take down my shorts and my panties and spank me on my bare bottom.” Katie leaves the set and returns in short shorts and top, and…bare feet. This must be their building! Did she bring this outfit? 

Lee takes her shorts and panties down and spanks her OTK, hard enough. She kicks and squeals. They she straddles and rides his bouncing knee, up and down, Looks and sounds like fun.

In the second scenario, she wants Lee to whip her with the Australian dog whip. She leaves the set again, and returns, stark naked, carrying the whip. We’ve seen her walk naked through a number of films and it is always a treat–she is so small, trim, and compact, with her patented little ambling bounce, and a manner of looking slightly embarrassing yet boldly proud of what she has to show. Even though the camera is pulled back, this is one of the best. Tight little body, black fuzz, eager demeanor.

She is ready for the whip, hair pinned up. Hands-on-head, slight bend-over, feet together, little squeals as the expert Lee scores with the whip. Hands-on-chair, more whipping, Lee fondles and feels, a bit of frigging.

Then, what they came for, at least as far as she is concerned, she flies over his knee, his foot on the chair, for more spanking, and virtually rides on his finger(s) as he frigs her. Kicking, gasping, dirty studio floor kicking. Top notch.

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