School Inspector – FILMEXTREME

10 Sep

MF/2f; year: 2005; time: 22 minutes

A short-lived producer, from what we can learn, very much on the dark format per LUPUS/RIGIDEAST from back-in-the-day. The film opens with another sepia Gothic architectural exterior identified as ‘St. Katherine’s High School.’ Apparently the school inspector is paying a return visit here. the mustachioed guy, who appears in all the FILMEXTREME work we have seen, looks like an American Wild West character or one of the constabulary lurkers in a LUPUS film.

He meets privately with an older blond woman, older, that is, than the schoolgirl type. She is the headmistress. No subtitles. After a brief conversation, she drops what look like pajama pants, bends over a table, and he spanks her a few times. It is some sort of welcome greeting, we assume, in lieu of maybe a quick lusty fuck in her quarters.

In another room, some men have gathered, another blonde raises her robe, drops her bloomers, and receives about 20 cane strokes. The inspector is disciplining staff, management?

Next, a gathering of staff, including the blond headmistress. The staff is seated respectfully in front of the inspector, who is going to punish one of the high school students. A diminutive, shy-appearing girl is produced and directed to undress, in front of the group. Very slowly, she removes an adolescent dress, unbuttons a complicated gymslip, and drops her bloomers. She now stands naked in front of the group, avoiding eye contact with anyone.

The inspector will use a long thin hard wood paddle, which he passes around the room for everyone to examine. Is this girl a little morsel saved for his visit (as in the LUPUS ‘headmaster’ series), or has she been selected for him to demonstrate proper corporal pounishment?

The inspector begins paddling, little cries, immediate circular bruises. He asks the group to troop forward to examine her bottom and feel the heat. He shifts to the cane, about 10 strokes. When they inspect again, one of the men traces the stripes on her bottom with a finger.

A female teacher asks to try caning. The inspector gives a few suggestions, then she begins, tentative at first, but she gets into it, laying on 12 strokes, quite hard in the end.

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